Podcast: The Crisis of Trust

Fake news.

Data privacy breaches.

Cambridge Analytica.

Mistrust of government, journalists, education, courts, police, & other institutions.

It seems like a death by a thousand cuts when you watch the news, but taken altogether, it's clear that there's a very serious erosion of trust in many institutions that had been viewed with esteem by previous generations. What's causing it? How is digital media fomenting it? What can be done to reverse this trend?

CredSpark's CEO, Lev Kaye, was recently interviewed by Mike Palmer of the podcast, Trending in Education on this topic and how it may be possible to rebuild trust by integrating aspects of education and learning to deepen audience engagement in—and understanding of—topics. Give it a listen:

Trending in Education

Trending in Education: The Crisis of Trust

Mike Palmer interviews the Founder & CEO of CredSpark, Lev Kaye.

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