Case Study: eHealth

How can you use audience knowledge and curiosity to drive media interest and lead generation?
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eHealth—one of the major U.S. health insurance marketplaces—wanted to measure audience knowledge of the new changes to the fast-changing American healthcare market. Then, they wanted to use those insights to stoke media interest and drive new business.


One of the outcomes of the 2016 U.S. Election was a set of rapid-fire policy changes to the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare”. These changes occurred in real time as many Americans were preparing for the start of the Open Enrollment period, during which they could renew or make changes to their health insurance coverage for the following year.

The challenge for eHealth was to ensure that prospective customers knew how the new legislative and regulatory changes affected their healthcare insurance options and obligations. In addition, eHealth wanted to build awareness for new options that the policy changes enabled, including smaller, non-Obamacare limited coverage policies. Finally, eHealth wanted to build PR awareness of the changes and new options across the media.

Develop a strategy.

The eHealth and CredSpark teams concluded that a short assessment leveraging CredSpark’s platform would accomplish each of eHealth’s goals:

  1. Assess the market’s baseline understanding of U.S. healthcare policy changes & how they would affect health insurance buyers, as well as identify peoples’ knowledge gaps.
  2. Through the assessment experience, help people become acquainted with new insurance options, such as the limited coverage policies.
  3. Generate new leads for the eHealth marketplace.

The assessment would be part-quiz, part-survey, in order to leverage the engagement factor of a knowledge quiz (questions with right or wrong answers) and the research benefits of a survey (questions with subjective answers). Finally, the eHealth marketing team could use data points from the survey to pitch to media outlets reporting on healthcare policy in advance of the upcoming Open Enrollment period.

Nail the implementation.

The next step was to develop the survey. Working jointly with CredSpark’s assessment designers, eHealth’s healthcare policy and insurance experts created incisive survey questions that assessed consumers’ knowledge of healthcare policy changes and their impact on people’s individual situations. In addition, the sequence of questions was designed so users could progressively uncover and become aware of new options that may be available to them in the healthcare marketplace.

Finally, we designed a post-quiz experience where users could provide basic lead information to calculate their results and see how they compare to other health insurance consumers around the country. To boost survey completion, participants were entered to win a $250 gift card.

Develop a promotion strategy.

Key parts of this project were to build awareness of impending healthcare changes in advance of Open Enrollment; establish eHealth as an expert and trusted resource on the fast-changing U.S. health insurance market; and generate new prospective customers for the eHealth insurance marketplace.

eHealth’s marketing team worked in tandem with CredSpark’s Traffic + Promotion Services team to develop a short, affordable, & potent campaign to rapidly build awareness, collect leads, and drive survey completions to fuel a post-campaign media outreach effort. We settled on a two-pronged effort.

First, CredSpark developed an email outreach campaign to eHealth’s existing user database with the goals of driving survey completions and gathering baseline data on the market’s knowledge of legislative and policy changes.

Simultaneously, we launched a social media and search advertising campaign, offering people the chance to test their knowledge of the rapidly changing healthcare marketplace, and to see how their 2019 health insurance coverage could be impacted. We profiled several target audience segments—including a ‘Lookalike’ audience based on eHealth’s existing customer database—and tested various messaging & design creative, as well as several ad placement options across Facebook, Instagram, and Google.


With intriguing creative, a timely and pressing topic, and a strategic survey design, the eHealth Survey on 2019 Healthcare Changes drove 1,600+ survey completions over a compressed, 5-day marketing & promotion effort on a $500 budget.

In addition, the subsequent PR and media outreach effort culminated in several media pick ups, including this one from Money magazine:

Questions Answered
New Leads
Registration Rate
Social Media Impressions
Search Impressions
Cost Per Click

CredSpark was an expert, professional, and creative partner to eHealth during our assessment of the U.S. health insurance market’s knowledge and needs. CredSpark’s unique combination of software, content, and promotional design and execution delivered valuable, timely insights to eHealth, not to mention a great project ROI.

— Senior Director, Communications

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