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Tap the full potential of your audience with powerful features & functionality.

Innovative Features & Sophisticated Analytics, Delivered Through An Affordable, Easy-to-use Platform

Essential Tools to Transform Your Content Creation Efforts Into Value Creation Efforts.

CredSpark deftly combines flexible content development & display features; unique engagement & promotion functionality; and advanced analytics & reporting capabilities—all within a powerful, user-friendly platform.

Quizzes, assessments, polls, surveys, personalized recommendations…you’ll have everything you need to develop content that delights your audience and drives measurable value & ROI for your organization.

Engaging Audience Learning Tools

Transition Your Brand From ‘broadcaster’ To ‘teacher’

Effective tools to create content that sparks engagement & discovery.

Develop content that creates an immersive discovery experience for your audience; generates valuable user data; and delivers tangible ROI. CredSpark content creators & audience engagement specialists can work independently or with your team to develop CredSpark interactive content experiences that delight your audience while delivering on your business goals.

Create Learning Experiences That Stoke Natural Curiosity

Data collection, engagement, leads, traffic, research…whatever your goals, CredSpark specialists are expert at developing content crafted especially to deliver on them.

Close Knowledge Gaps With Answer Explanations

Go beyond writing. With CredSpark, you tap into deep expertise in content & media, training & learning, and marketing & promotion. Your content will benefit from this 360-degree approach.

Provide Guidance With Personal Recommendations

Add our resources and expertise to your content team as you need them. Or turn it over to us. We’ll add our engagement expertise to your subject matter expertise and get the job done quickly & effectively.

Unmatched Lead Generation + Qualification Tools

When ‘top-of-funnel’ Becomes ‘bottom-of-funnel’

Surface your highest quality leads with compelling qualification experiences.

Something powerful happens when you combine lead generation and qualification into one engaging user experience. With CredSpark, the “magnet” that draws in new leads also serves as a qualification funnel, enticing new prospects to provide more and more insights along the way. The result: Time savings; cost savings; and the highest-quality leads already identified for your sales teams, advertisers, or partners.

Integrate Your Lead Quality Factors Into The Experience

Use CredSpark’s audience engagement tools to create compelling experiences that assess participants against your lead quality factors. It’s a natural, unobtrusive way to surface your best prospects while providing tangible value for your audience.

Drive Better Ctr Through Integrated Calls To Action

Lead generation & registration are a natural part of the CredSpark UX. Your audience clearly understands the value of providing their info. And you get a consent-driven way to drive registration rates that far exceed industry standards.

Encourage Follow-through With Personalized Lead Hooks

Incorporate AI services and take users from top-of-funnel to bottom in a few clicks. Users get personalized content based on their needs, goals, & interests. You get a treasure trove of data for your conversion efforts & a natural rationale for a follow-up.

Powerful Data + Analytics Tools

Make Your Audience Data Work For You

Harness the power of your audience data with best-in-class data & analytics tools.

With many quiz or survey apps, data analysis equates to “Thanks, here’s a spreadsheet.” With the CredSpark platform, you get real-time data and powerful customization & data display tools, conveniently accessed through our Analytics Dashboard. From visually compelling charts to seamless integration with your customer database, CredSpark empowers you to bring your audience data to life and make it useful & actionable for your entire organization.

Uncover Deeper Data With Topic Tagging & Analysis

Understand what your audience understands with powerful topic tagging & analysis tools, informed by the latest educational technology. You’ll visualize people’s grasp of important topics across multiple Credspark experiences.

Bring Data To Life With Powerful Data Visualization

Get real-time audience response from initial click to completion & social sharing. CredSpark’s Analytics Dashboard makes data actionable and visually compelling with funnel charts, answer analysis, geographic distribution, & more.

Integrate Credspark Data Seamlessly With Your Systems

Integrate CredSpark data with your customer or sales & marketing database. It’s a fast, seamless way to provide your internal teams with actionable info and add depth & insights to your audience data and market knowledge.

AI-Driven Personalization Tools

AI-Driven Personalization. Roi-driven Results.

Make your content meaningful & actionable at the individual level—affordably, and at scale.

Add CredSpark AI technology & services and create next-gen content that delivers next-level audience engagement. Our content and development teams will work with you to create a CredSpark experience where individual audience responses are leveraged to create custom content for each user—an article, recommendations, brochures, and more. It’s a surprisingly affordable way to amplify the impact of your content at scale, provide individualized value for your audience, and drive extraordinary response.

Leverage Individual Interests, Needs, & Goals To Provide Value

Use CredSpark’s quiz & assessment tools to gather information from users. Then leverage that data to fuel unique & personalized content, data & analytics, recommendations, and more. With CredSpark, you’ll show exactly the right information to exactly the right people, bringing new life (& better ROI) to your content efforts.

Provide Personalized Instruction, Assessment & Recommendations

Personal feedback & instruction are incredibly effective motivators. Deliver that personal touch at mass level with unique guidance & personal recommendations based on user interests, goals, & needs. They’ll take the next step with you because they’ll know why it benefits them personally.

Create Unique Content, Customized For Each User

One of the most frustrating things about articles, brochures, white papers, etc. is that you have to make them generic…until now. Create a CredSpark experience that uses audience responses to create content products, individualized for each person. It adds new meaning & value to your marketing materials.

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