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Powerful features to tap the unique potential of your audience.

CredSpark is the most sophisticated content & audience engagement platform available.

Innovative features deliver the actionable insights and engagement levels that drive real business results.

CredSpark Audience Engagement Platform Features: Topic Tagging + Analysis

Topic Tagging + Analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience.

CredSpark is the only interactive content platform that shows what your audience understands. Our Topic Tagging and Analysis features—informed by educational technology—allow you to visualize people's grasp of important subjects across multiple quizzes and assessments.

CredSpark Audience Engagement Platform Features: Embedded Calls to Action

Embedded Calls to Action

Drive better results with a more natural CTA experience.

Immediately after taking a quiz, your audience wants to take the next step. CredSpark's embedded, responsive call-to-action devices can be used to highlight paid content, boost newsletter subscriptions, or promote relevant offers from sponsors. And they're all a natural part of the engagement experience, delivering much better results than typical banners.

CredSpark Audience Engagement Platform Features: Audience Learning Tools

Audience Learning Tools

Tap the inherent engagement power of learning and discovery.

CredSpark believes that if you're in media or marketing, you're really a teacher. Your audience looks to you for guidance. Our platform allows you not just to engage, but also to guide. Our Answer Explanations feature allows you to bridge their knowledge gaps, like an expert instructor. You'll tap that natural curiosity and love of discovery to drive deeper audience engagement—and exceptional business results.

CredSpark Audience Engagement Platform Features: Lead Generation + Qualification

Lead Generation + Qualification

Make your leads and sales efforts measurably more effective.

CredSpark is the perfect tool for turning engagement into qualified leads. People are naturally curious, and if given the chance to see how they did on a quiz or assessment (and compare themselves to others) they register and opt-in at higher rates than traditional advertising. CredSpark offers an unmatched opportunity to build an audience and create effective ways to qualify them—all within the same user experience.

CredSpark Audience Engagement Platform Features: Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Get clear insights through actionable data.

CredSpark's dashboard and funnel charts show the real-time audience response to your interactive content, from initial view through to completion and social sharing. In an instant, you and your stakeholders can visualize how your content is performing.

CredSpark Audience Engagement Platform Features: Insights + Best Practices

Insights + Best Practices

Tap into unmatched learning, tech, and marketing experience.

CredSpark's team captures a tremendous amount of best practice data, which we share with our clients. We share important correlations between factors such as quiz length and quiz completion rate, along with other insights to help you optimize your interactive content strategy.

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