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CredSpark provides a full range of opportunities for clients to engage with our technology and expertise. Choose between easy-to-use, plug & play tiers or deeper engagements that include our full suite of professional services, including strategy, content creation, marketing & promotion, and custom development. Whichever route you take, CredSpark technology and insights provide you with multiple opportunities to realize more value from your content and audience.

Every CredSpark engagement starts with listening. We work with you to understand the particular dynamics and interests of your business; and then develop a custom approach that meets your needs, achieves your goals, and fits your budget.

Uncover hidden potential and maximize results with a complete suite of services


The CredSpark team takes a deep dive with you into your business to develop strategies and uncover the best opportunities for your organization to leverage our content engagement and personalization platform.

This strategic approach ensures we develop multiple ways within your budget for you to engage your customers, effectively move the key drivers of your business, and maximize the return on your investment.

Content Development

CredSpark’s content development team analyzes your existing content; helps you create new content when needed; and organizes and prepares it for maximum effect on the Credspark platform.

This approach not only lends extra hands on deck, it provides a structure and methodology that saves time and optimizes the engagement potential of your content, helping you create more value from your content development efforts.

Traffic + Engagement

Leveraging CredSpark’s marketing and promotion expertise, we’ll help you develop, design, and execute a strategy that drives traffic to your CredSpark experiences. We design campaigns aligned to your business goals that will drive measurable results.

Whatever the goal—lead generation, subscriptions, market research, etc.—we’ll develop a plan that drives the targeted traffic you need to achieve your goals.


Need a custom feature? Want to leverage AI to personalize your customer conversations at scale?

CredSpark Technology Services team will help ensure our platform is optimized to meet your business needs and goals. From content personalization to data integration, we’ll work with your in-house teams to develop a seamless and user-friendly experience for your customers and staff.

Data Services + Analysis

CredSpark experiences generate a lot of customer data and insights. Our Data Services team can help you make sense of that information and ensure it gets integrated into your internal systems and becomes more actionable for the teams that need it.

With their insight & experience, our team can also help you adapt your content into formats that actually generate the data you want. From item writing to question formats, their insights can turn your content into data- and ROIgenerating machines.

Harness powerful tools that super-charge audience engagement.

With CredSpark, you can choose from a range of tools and features to create interactive content experiences that are tailored to meet your specific objectives.



Amplify audience engagement through addictive quiz experiences that drive traffic, promote sharing, increase time-on-site, and provide value for your users.



Gather more market insights & intelligence by developing engagement-rich surveys that naturally coax participants and encourage deeper participation.



Create standalone polls or add them right within your content to capture on-the-spot audience sentiment and improve engagement metrics.



Understand what your audience knows (& doesn't know) through powerful and engaging assessments informed by the latest learning insights and technology.



Leverage affordable AI-enhanced features to hyper-personalize your content and deliver invaluable, individual guidance and recommendations to your audience.

Lead Capture

Lead Capture

Curtail form fatigue and dropoff with integrated lead capture experiences that actually deliver real value for your audience in exchange for their info.

Don’t need a full-service approach?

Find the license that’s right for you.

CredSpark offers a variety of ways to leverage our content engagement platform within your budget requirements. In addition, Professional Services can be added to any tier for additional costs.

Find the license package, features, and pricing that best meets your needs.




Take engagement and revenue to the next level with enhanced registration, more powerful analytics, and user rewards.

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Do more. Meet the needs of your growing business with enhanced analytics, more users, more starts, more embeds, and more flexibility.

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Meet and exceed your unique needs and goals with custom development, unique features, and expert content creation.

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