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Amplify your CredSpark experiences with expert services & support.

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Tap Unmatched Expertise, Whenever You Need It.

CredSpark offers a range of services and support resources to help you ensure your interactive content experiences exceed your goals and expectations. From initial strategy to deployment & promotion, you can add on additional services whenever you need assistance or if you want to temporarily increase bandwidth to make your vision a reality sooner.

Services include Content Development; Custom Features & Functionality; AI & Personalization Services; Strategy, Research & Analysis Services; and Marketing, Promotion & Audience Development Services. Our expert teams will help you realize the full potential and ROI from your investment in CredSpark.

Content Development Services

“Blank Page Paralysis” Avoided

Create content that delivers results with CredSpark content engagement experts.

Develop content that creates an immersive discovery experience for your audience; generates valuable user data; and delivers tangible ROI. CredSpark content creators & audience engagement specialists can work independently or with your team to develop CredSpark interactive content experiences that delight your audience while delivering on your business goals.

Create Content That’s Aligned To Your Specific Goals

Data collection, engagement, leads, traffic, research…whatever your goals, CredSpark specialists are expert at developing content crafted especially to deliver on them.

Leverage Deep Engagement, Content, & Media Expertise

Go beyond writing. With CredSpark, you tap into deep expertise in content & media, training & learning, and marketing & promotion. Your content will benefit from this 360-degree approach.

Optimize All Available Resources To Maximize Roi

Add our resources and expertise to your content team as you need them. Or turn it over to us. We’ll add our engagement expertise to your subject matter expertise and get the job done quickly & effectively.

Custom Features & Functionality

Don’t Settle; Just Ask Us.

Introduce new or custom features, functionality, and integrations.

There’s a lot of power right out of the box with CredSpark. However, you might find that your content requires a new question type or layout; your business has unique functionality, regulatory or integration requirements; or perhaps you just have wild & crazy innovation that you want to bring to market. Regardless, our engineers, developers & designers are standing by to help you make it a reality.

Differentiate With Custom Features & Functionality

Work with our engineers & developers to design & create new features, question types, UX/design, or functionality. We’ll get the job done & ensure your features work seamlessly on the CredSpark platform.

Bring Data To Life With Custom Reporting & Analytics

Need to see your data in a different way? We can develop new visualizations; create custom reports; incorporate outside data & analytics, and even add AI-driven, data-based personalized recommendations.

Make Data Actionable With Custom Integrations

CredSpark’s flexible API allows for seamless integration with the popular SAAS marketing & sales platforms. We can also develop integrations to 3rd parties and to any proprietary systems.

AI & Personalization Services

Personalization At The ‘hyper’ Level

Achieve affordable personalization at scale with AI-enhanced functionality.

Incorporate CredSpark’s AI-enabled features and functionality and hyper-personalize your content to provide immense value for each individual member of your audience. Provide personalized recommendations; develop customized articles, brochures, white papers, and more—the opportunities are endless. And the engagement & conversion results—and the ROI they drive—are anything but artificial.

Super-charge Your Content With Hyper-personalization

Leverage our AI services to transform your content into something personalized, actionable & unique for each individual audience member. In the process, you’ll also transform every KPI you track.

Compel Action With Personal Recommendations

Harness CredSpark’s quiz & assessment power to query your audience. Then, use that data to automatically reorganize your content into specific recommendations—unique to each audience member.

Create Custom Content Based On Individual Needs & Goals

Gather data through CredSpark quizzes, surveys, polls, & more. Then generate individualized content products for users, including brochures, white papers, check lists, product suggestions, & more.

Strategy + Research + Analysis Services

Plan. Execute. Deliver. Analyze.

Leverage unmatched expertise to launch new initiatives & achieve your business goals.

Sometimes you need more than software and content. When it comes to audience engagement & development, innovative advertising & promotion, product discovery & research, or learning & training initiatives, CredSpark can serve as your expert consultative partner. We can help you develop a strategy and specific approaches and solutions to solve business issues, develop new market opportunities, and launch new products and services.

Uncover New Opportunities, Markets, Audiences, & More

Access CredSpark’s market research, surveying, & learning background to investigate, test, & validate assumptions on new markets, target audience segments, product silos, & more.

Develop Informed Strategies To Overcome Business Issues

Give us a business challenge or competitive issue and our cross-disciplinary teams will develop detailed strategies & recommended approaches on how to overcome them.

Gain An Edge With Insights Into New Products & Services

Make a profound impact with your product launch. Leverage CredSpark tools & advice to uncover issues early, get detailed customer feedback, and gain insight into market adoption and competition.

Promotion + Audience Development

Amplify Your Message & Your Reach

Drive traffic & engagement with innovative marketing & promotion techniques.

A great CredSpark experience is only part of the equation. You still have to drive the right audience to it. Harness CredSpark’s inhouse marketing & promotion expertise to develop a marketing plan that’s aligned with the goals, messaging, & branding of your CredSpark experiences. We bring to the table a deep understanding of how to link specific advertising & marketing strategies with the specific data outcomes & business goals that you’re seeking through your CredSpark efforts. This 360-degree approach delivers the results you want in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

Fine-tune Your Targeting To Find The Right Audience

Tap our marketing & promotion expertise to create a plan that does the targeting heavy lifting for you; and drive the right audience to your CredSpark experience from the outset, saving time & money.

Get Expert Advice On Driving Your Key Success Metrics

Provide us with your specific goals, KPIs, & budget, and we’ll develop detailed approaches to help you identify & reach the right audiences, generate actionable data, & drive desired audience behaviors.

Align Your Marketing With The Data & Outcomes You Want

You have specific goals for your CredSpark experience. Why rely on generic marketing approaches? Get strategic advice & recommendations to drive the audience that generates the data you want.

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