Data + Analytics Features

How can you develop a richer, actionable data set?
Make your audience data work smarter for you.

With CredSpark, you get real-time data and powerful customization and data display tools, conveniently accessed through our Analytics Dashboard. From visually compelling charts to seamless integration with your customer database, CredSpark empowers you to bring your audience data to life and make it useful and actionable for your entire organization.

Uncover deeper insights with topic tagging and analysis.

Understand what your audience understands with powerful topic tagging and analysis tools, informed by the latest educational technology. You’ll visualize people’s grasp of important topics across multiple Credspark experiences.

Bring your data to life with powerful visualization features.

Get real-time audience response from initial click to completion and social sharing. CredSpark’s Analytics Dashboard makes data actionable and visually compelling with funnel charts, answer analysis, geographic distribution, and more.

Get the information you need to optimize your content efforts.

CredSpark’s powerful Data Dashboard brings your content’s performance to life with graphical representations of key metrics and indicators. You’ll get the real-time data you need to make informed decisions on your content and marketing efforts and quickly make adjustments to improve performance.

Gain key insights into your audience.

How much does your audience actually know about your content, topic areas, products, and services? CredSpark’s Data Dashboard helps you surface insights into audience knowledge, pinpoint gap areas, and highlight opportunities.

CredSpark’s analytics tools help you turn data into understanding, providing you with the competitive insights you need to better inform decision making.

Integrate CredSpark data seamlessly with your systems.

Integrate CredSpark data with your customer or sales and marketing database. It’s a fast, seamless way to provide your internal teams with actionable info and add depth and insights to your audience data and market knowledge.

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Find out how Business Travel News developed a data and market research tool to help corporate travel managers improve their services.
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