Engagement Features

How can you tap the power of learning to drive deeper engagement with your content?
Spark audience engagement and discovery with interactive content experiences.

Develop content that creates an immersive discovery experience for your audience, generates valuable user data, and delivers tangible ROI. Go DIY or CredSpark's audience engagement specialists can help you develop intereactive content experiences that delight your audience while delivering on your business goals.

Use intuitive tools to create content that delivers data and insights.

Amplify audience engagement through addictive quiz experiences that drive traffic, promote sharing, increase time-on-site, and provide value for your users.


Gather more market insights and intelligence by developing engagement-rich surveys that naturally coax participants and encourage deeper participation.


Create standalone polls or add them right within your content to capture on-the-spot audience sentiment and improve engagement metrics.


Understand what your audience knows (and doesn't know) through engaging assessments informed by the latest learning insights and technology.


Hyper-personalize your content and deliver invaluable guidance and recommendations to each individual audience member at scale.

Create content experiences that stoke curiosity and a desire to learn more.

CredSpark’s content creation tools are based on the latest in learning science. You’ll leverage your audience’s natural curiosity about what they know or don’t know about certain topics and how they compare to others just like them.

CredSpark's tools are a powerful way to supercharge your content engagement metrics, generate actionable data, and provide clear value for your audience.

Assess audience knowledge and gain insights into their behavior and intent.

What does your audience know? What don’t you know about your audience? We often make assumptions about underlying knowledge and impressions. CredSpark can help you assess audience awareness and knowledge gaps, allowing you to use those insights to fine-tune your content, product recommendations, and more.

Powerful, easy-to-use tools

Let your creativity run wild with our robust, intuitive feature set. You’ll create interactive content that drives the business results you want while delighting your audience in the process.

With CredSpark, you can easily…

  • Create surveys, polls, assessments, quizzes, assessments, and more
  • Choose from a variety of question types
  • Create content in several languages
  • Showcase your brand with complete white-label integration into your web properties
  • Integrate images, gifs, emoji, video, and other media to bring your content to life
  • Showcase results with detailed data and reports
  • Go a step further and provide answer explanations to fill in gaps in audience knowledge
  • Get in-depth support from our client service team and our comprehensive online Knowledge Base
Content Creation Services
Need help? Tap into CredSpark’s content and learning expertise.

Our content development team analyzes your existing content, helps you create new content when needed, and organizes and prepares it for maximum effect on the Credspark platform.

This approach not only lends extra hands on deck, it provides a structure and methodology that saves time and optimizes the engagement potential of your content, helping you create more value from your content development efforts.

Case Study
Find out how WATT Global Media made a giant industry event feel intimate and generated 2500+ new leads in the process.

CredSpark takes the time to become familiar with your audience and understand your goals to help you achieve success. Engagement with our quiz and registration conversions far exceeded all expectations. It was a no-brainer to do another quiz to support this year’s attendee acquisition efforts.

— WATT Global Media

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