Lead Generation Features

How can you surface your highest-quality leads?
Combine lead generation and qualification into one engaging experience.

Interactions serve as a magnet to draw in leads and gather information and insights from them as they engage. You'll save time, money, and pre-qualify high-quality leads for your sales team, advertisers, or partners.

Integrate your lead quality factors right into the user experience.

Use CredSpark’s audience engagement tools to create compelling experiences that assess participants against your lead quality factors. It’s a natural, unobtrusive way to surface your best prospects while providing tangible value for your audience.

Drive better click-through performance with calls to action that are seamlessly integrated into the user experience.

Lead generation and registration are a natural part of the CredSpark UX. Your audience clearly understands the value of providing their info, and you get a consent-driven way to drive registration rates that far exceed industry standards. Clarity of value and relevance matter.

Encourage follow-through with personalized lead hooks.

Incorporate AI services and take users from top-of-funnel to bottom in a few clicks. Users get personalized content based on their needs, goals, and interests. You get a treasure trove of data for your conversion efforts and a natural rationale for a follow-up.

Case Study
The Princeton Review used interactive content to gain more than 10,000 new leads in the teen market.
CredSpark's Thought Starter: Customize your experience based on your interests and needs.
How can you benefit from interactive lead generation and qualification?