Personalization Features

How much would your business grow if you actually gave each audience member what they wanted?
Make your content meaningful and actionable at the individual level.

Create next-gen content that delivers next-level audience engagement. Our content and development teams will work with you to create a CredSpark experience where individual audience responses are leveraged to create custom content for each user—articles, recommendations, brochures, and more. It’s a surprisingly affordable way to amplify the impact of your content at scale, provide individualized value for your audience, and drive extraordinary response.

Understand goals, interests, and needs to provide customized value to each audience member.

Use CredSpark’s quiz and assessment tools to gather information from users. Then leverage that data to fuel personalized content, data and analytics, recommendations, and more. You’ll show exactly the right information to exactly the right people, bringing new life (and better ROI) to your content efforts.

Assess your audience needs and provide personalized recommendations.

Personal feedback and instruction are incredibly effective motivators. Deliver that personal touch at scale with unique guidance and personal recommendations based on user interests, goals, and needs. They’ll take the next step with you because they’ll know why it benefits them personally.

Create unique content, customized for each user.

Your audience isn't one-size-fits-all, so your content shouldn't be, either. Instead of genericized articles, brochures, and white papers, create a CredSpark experience that enables you to assemble a custom content product for each individual user. Your marketing materials can speak directly to the needs of your customers: you just have to ask them.

Provide each audience member with a custom guide to your offerings.

What is the process your customers or clients go through to determine which of your products, content, or services is right for them?

Help your audience find exactly what they're looking for, by asking them. Use our technology to learn about each individual's interests and needs, then our AI-powered behind-the-scenes algorithm can surface timely, relevant content specific to your user.

Each audience member gets a guide to your offerings, based on their individual needs, desires, and goals. Your audience immediately sees how your brand is relevant to their lives. And that relevance drives interest and compels action.

Case Study
Reed Exhibitions dramatically increased conference registrations by showcasing how each potential attendee would benefit, based on their goals.
CredSpark's Thought Starter: Customize your experience based on your interests and needs.
How can your audience and business benefit by hyper-personalizing your content?