Promotion Features

How can you improve performance at the top of the funnel?
Amplify your traffic and engagement.

Extend your marketing and promotional efforts by incorporating CredSpark-powered, interactive content. Question-, knowledge-, or conversation-based content is extraordinarily effective at capturing attention, commanding interest, and generating valuable data. And CredSpark makes it easy.

Easily integrate CredSpark into your marketing efforts.

With CredSpark’s turnkey promotional features, you can easily integrate your interactive content into emails, your social media activity, and your advertising. You’ll experience how CredSpark engagement-based content can juice your marketing KPIs across the board.

It’s user-friendly and can be incorporated into your UX, creating a seamless brand experience for your audience.

Traffic + Engagement Services
Uncover hidden potential and maximize results with CredSpark promotional support.

Leverage CredSpark’s marketing and promotion expertise and we’ll help you develop, design, and execute a strategy that drives traffic to your CredSpark experiences. We design campaigns aligned to your business goals that drive measurable results. Whatever your goals—lead generation, an increase in subscriptions, market research, and more—we'll develop a plan that drives the targeted traffic you need to achieve your goals.

Case Study
Find out how eHealth measured audience knowledge on healthcare changes and used those insights to stoke media interest and drive new business.
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How can amplify your content strategy with additional promotional power?