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What are the most effective ways associations can engage members and drive growth?
Deliver relevance for your membership.

Members of associations and nonprofits often have varied needs, interests, and goals, as well as reasons for joining/staying. Associations and nonprofits use CredSpark to kindle engagement with their members to reinforce the value and benefits of membership, encourage participation, and drive important transactions like event registrations, enrollments, subscriptions, and more.

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Grow membership and improve retention by engaging your members directly with your content and offerings.
Help prospects discover the value and benefits of your organization.

Learning and discovery are powerful motivational tools. Associations use CredSpark to create conversational experiences where prospects uncover the value your organization offers them, based on their individual needs, goals, and interests.

Reach new segments for membership growth.

Underweighted in a particular membership segment or trying to break into a new one? Associations are growing their membership bases by combining CredSpark interactive content experiences with our Traffic + Engagement services. We help you deliver traffic at the top of the funnel, showcase your value, and qualify your most engaged prospects.

Qualify leads right when you collect them.

Leverage CredSpark's advanced Q&A features to further qualify leads and surface high-potential sales prospects. Download their responses and deliver them right to your membership team for future follow up.

Improve retention through personalization.

Personalizing your offerings and benefits to individual members is a powerful way to improve retention or reactivate lapsed members. Adding a CredSpark interactive content experience to your existing renewal campaigns effectively reinforces the membership decision, as well as gathers vital data and insights into your audience’s interests, needs, and intent.

Personalized Learning Pathways
Increase enrollments in learning and certification offerings.

Continuing education and certification is another area where personalization offers rich opportunities. CredSpark has developed Personalized Learning Pathways for association clients where we build rich member profiles with first-party data, then provide each member with a list of education options that are curated by their needs, interests, career goals, timeliness, and more.

Instead of facing a gigantic online catalog, members are asked about their education needs and are presented with the right courses at the right times. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to deliver relevance, fill a need, and increase revenue—all while providing tangible value to your membership.

Increase engagement with events and conferences.

Conferences and events are of particular important to many associations, nonprofits, and trade groups. However, they’re a great example of where abundance and depth can impede engagement.

Faced with a torrent of events, sessions, speakers, exhibitors, social events, education, networking opportunities, and more, it’s understandable that attendees and prospective attendees often feel a little overwhelmed.

CredSpark works with associations and nonprofits to tame this beast and surface the relevant opportunities to each individual attendee or prospect—at scale. It’s another example where providing relevance showcases the value for each individual, driving increased registrations, attendance, word of mouth, and satisfaction with your events, conferences, and annual meetings.

Create content that smashes traditional engagement metrics.

It’s no secret: Associations and nonprofits create an enormous amount of content. It’s also no secret that many organizations know very little about the success of their content efforts beyond standard webpage metrics.


  • Is your content being read and understood?
  • Is it what your audience wants or needs?
  • Does your audience engage with it?
  • Do they value it?
  • Are you missing something they want?

CredSpark’s interactive content capabilities allows you to go beyond clicks and page views. We help you turn your content into data-generating, interactive experiences where you’re providing rich content and assessing your audience’s engagement, knowledge, and interest—just like a conversation. These interactions engage the audience, but also provide your organization with invaluable data about your audience, helping you make more informed decisions on content development and provide additional value for your membership.

Case Study
Find out how WATT Global Media made a giant industry event feel intimate and generated 2500+ new leads in the process.

CredSpark 'gets it'. They wonder, question, suggest, and collaborate alongside us. They are embedded and respected members of our team. Their passion for our content and our constituents translates into value for CHEST.

— CIO, American College of Chest Physicians

CredSpark's Thought Starter: Customize your experience based on your interests and needs.
How can increased membership engagement help your organization exceed its goals?