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How can personalization drive more registrations, revenue, and attendee engagement?
Here’s a little secret…

Large conferences offer dozens, if not hundreds, of sessions, speakers, exhibitors, and more: only a handful of those are relevant for most individual attendees.

The challenge is to showcase the value of an enormous event to a single individual—at scale. CredSpark works with event and exhibition companies, as well as organizations who host large conferences, to personalize the experience with engagement and bring more relevance and meaning for each attendee.

Harness the power of personalization to showcase the value of your event to each attendee.
Improve registration.

A CredSpark interactive experience invites prospective attendees to discover how an event meets their individual interests, needs, and goals. Prospects answer a few questions and through the personalization power of AI, receive a customized event schedule that surfaces the particular sessions, speakers, exhibitors, and more that are most aligned with their goals. It’s a powerful way to drive new registrations.

Improve event engagement.

Armed with a personalized guide, attendees will get maximum value and meaning out of your event. You’ll see deeper engagement in sessions and more meaningful attendee interactions with sponsors, exhibitors, and presenters. Most of all, you’ll reinforce that your event is relevant to the needs and interests of attendees.

Improve employer buy in.

More often than not, prospective event attendees need the buy in of their employers to justify the time and cost of attendance. A CredSpark interactive experience helps them “make the sale” to management by surfacing the specific features of your event that relate to that organization’s needs and interests.

Surface relevance for your attendees.

CredSpark interactive conference experiences help you gain insights into the important factors that drive registration decisions for event attendees. Which topics or education offerings do they most value? Which speakers are must-see for them? What sessions are most important for the issues and challenges that their companiesface?

CredSpark helps you surface those insights and effectively showcase your relevant event offerings within the context of your attendees’ needs and goals.

Astonish your sponsors and exhibitors with more meaningful attendee interactions.

CredSpark’s interactive conference experience can also drive tremendous value for your sponsors and exhibitors. With a few insightful questions, CredSpark can serve as an introduction between sponsors and interested, highly qualified attendees. It’s an effective way to make your event indispensable for exhibiting organizations.

In addition, leading-edge exhibition companies and event-hosting organizations are leveraging CredSpark as a premium, high-value sponsorship vehicle. Sponsors are offered opportunities to engage with attendees within the CredSpark experience, including brand visibility, lead qualification questions, market research opportunities and more.

Bring real-world engagement to your virtual events.

The post-pandemic world is bringing seismic changes to the event and exhibition industry. Virtual events will play a big role in companies’ strategy for engaging with event attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. And effective audience engagement will be the key factor for success.

Don’t just stuff existing events into a webinar format and exchange conference dollars for online pennies. Design your event for audience engagement right from the start. Incorporate a CredSpark experience into your virtual event and keep your online audience engaged during virtual sessions, gather their insights and feedback along the way, qualify their needs and make online introductions to relevant sponsors and exhibitors, and bring a little fun to the table with online quizzes, contests, and challenges.

With CredSpark, a virtual event isn’t derivative of an offline event. It’s the main event.

Case Study
Find out how WATT Global Media made a giant industry event feel intimate and generated 2500+ new leads in the process.

CredSpark has been a true partner to Reed Exhibitions. Their technology, custom services, and total dedication to our shows' success set them apart from other vendors. CredSpark's AI-powered event personalization created tremendous value for us, helping us achieve our goal of attracting new attendees to the show by using their technology to surface personally relevant show highlights for each user.

— Director, Marketing Technology

CredSpark's Thought Starter: Customize your experience based on your interests and needs.
How can increased event engagement help your organization exceed its goals?