Audience Data

How can you enrich your audience profiles and enhance the value of your data?
Deepen your knowledge and understanding of your audience.

In a world where broad content distribution has been radically commoditized, content engagement and audience data now provide the foundation for companies and brands to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. CredSpark helps you turn your content into an interactive, data-generating machine that provides you with deep insights and helps you unlock new business opportunities.

Get smarter about your audience as your audience gets smarter about your products and services.
Collect deeper data through engagement.

CredSpark turns data collection into engaging content discovery experiences. Gain the insights you need while providing tangible value for your audience in return.

Gain insight into your audience.

Don't make uninformed assumptions on your audience’s underlying knowledge, sentiment, or intent. Create engaging discovery experiences and use the resulting data to better inform business decisions.

Move faster with data clarity.

CredSpark's Analytics Dashboard displays and visualizes your data in meaningful ways, including audience response, funnel charts, performance analysis, and more.

Case Study
Find out how Business Travel News developed a data and market research tool to help corporate travel managers improve their services.

CredSpark was integral to the success of The Traveller Happiness Index and worked with us to build the right connections and deliver accurate, credible results that have furthered BTN's position not only as a thought leader in our industry, but also as the provider of a new metric for benchmarking leading-edge corporate travel programs.

— Business Travel News, part of Northstar Travel Group

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