Market Research

How can you move past the year-end survey and deliver ongoing audience insights year-round?
Higher engagement delivers richer, more actionable data.

Combine the insights delivered by high-quality survey research with the engagement power of interactive advertising. CredSpark enables you to create interactive research experiences that deliver more data through better respondent completion and engagement rates. In addition, powerful analytics features help you better organize and manage data to make connections and uncover insights.

Deliver research experiences your audience will actually want to complete.
Deepen respondent engagement and insights.

Infuse your research with the engagement power of learning and education. You'll get better outcomes by turning surveys into rich discovery experiences.

Get real-time data and analytics.

With CredSpark's Analytics Dashboard, you'll gain the instantaneous data you need to optimize survey outcomes and performance, and the analytics tools to uncover insights into your audience.

Create unique, custom research products.

Leverage CredSpark's unmatched data collection capabilities to fuel research products, customized to the needs of specific clients, markets, or advertisers.

Watch CredSpark Research in Action
Case Study
Find out how eHealth measured audience knowledge on healthcare changes and used those insights to stoke media interest and drive new business.

CredSpark was an expert, professional, and creative partner to eHealth during our assessment of the U.S. health insurance market’s knowledge and needs. CredSpark’s unique combination of software, content, and promotional design and execution delivered valuable, timely insights to eHealth, not to mention a great project ROI.

— Senior Director, Communications

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