How can personalization streamline your sales process and drive better results?
Turn prospects into clients with the power of personalization.

CredSpark helps you create interactive experiences where prospective clients uncover their needs, issues, goals, and interests and then get a curated response, customized with your most relevant products and services that are tailored to address them.

Create a tailored experience that gets to a “yes.”
Qualify leads more effectively.

Create CredSpark experiences that assess prospective client needs, purchase intent, key decision drivers, and more—and then deliver them to your sales team for a more informed follow-up experience.

Provide personalized guidance and recommendations.

Leverage CredSpark to assess prospect needs and interests and then match them to the most appropriate solutions that your organization has to offer. It’s a powerful way to showcase the relevance of your products and services.

Make your sales process smarter.

Create interactive assessment experiences that engage prospective clients with relevant content. Each interaction is an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the key drivers influencing prospects’ decision making. Your sales approaches will be more informed and relevant.

Create personalized proposals based on clients needs and interests.

CredSpark clients have supercharged and streamlined their sales process by leveraging our AI-powered features to assess the goals of prospective clients and subsequently deliver a proposal customized with the most relevant solutions.

This powerful feature takes the conversation from “Why?” to “Where do I sign?”

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