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The Story of CredSpark

The Power of a Question

The idea

What don't you know?

It’s a question that’s simultaneously intriguing, vexing, unnerving, & ultimately, empowering. It’s a question that compels people to act, to discover, & to learn. And it’s from that insight that CredSpark was born.

CredSpark takes its pedigree in education & testing and applies it to the development, distribution, & marketing of content. We think there’s more inherent power in brands as teachers versus broadcasters. With that in mind, we leverage proven assessment technologies to engage people with client content to gain deeper insights into audience knowledge, behavior & demographics.

Our audience engagement platform takes branded content and creates a rich, interactive learning experience that drives traffic; uncovers knowledge gaps, enhances audience data, and meaningfully improves content engagement metrics. It drives more engagement which drives more data, which ultimately drives more value for clients.

With CredSpark, you discover what your audience doesn’t know, and what you don’t know about your audience. We give new meaning to educating the marketplace.

The mission

Born to learn.

CredSpark transforms content into learning-based experiences that grow audiences, increase customer engagement, and deliver actionable insights. We harness the engagement power of learning to drive marketing metrics, tap hidden audience potential, and ultimately, improve business results for our clients.