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Conversation is the Core of Community

We’ve been grappling with this existential issue at CredSpark and have kept coming back to the same question: Is “Common Interest” the foundation of successful community building? Or is “the Discovery of Common Interest” the foundation of successful community building? Are successful communities built in a focused way around a common interest from the top down? Or are they the result of a continuous back-and-forth between audience members where shifting common interests and topics emerge and drive activity and engagement?

No, we’re not talking about replicating a Facebook free-for-all food fight. However, even communities that are highly focused on a particular subject or domain can benefit and thrive from bottom up, audience-driven activity. But how do you create that?

Interactive content experiences crush industry standard metrics for engagement. Whether your key KPIs are clicks, page views, user-generated content, or time on site, interactive content consistently outperforms static content and even video because it’s active engagement, not passive.

Incorporating interactive content into your community can foster audience conversations and tangibly improve business results >>