CredSpark Integration

Improve learner engagement and outcomes by using CredSpark with Degreed.

CredSpark for Degreed

CredSpark is an easy-to-use set of features where you can create interactive content to engage your community and generate important data and insights about them. It’s highly customizable and requires absolutely zero code. Completely integrated with Degreed, CredSpark allows you to create compelling content experiences that increase learner engagement, assess knowledge gaps, gather data, and improve learner outcomes.

CredSpark has designed its features and tools to work within the Degreed learning experience. Clients have a dedicated CredSpark support team to help you take full advantage of everything its engagement platform has to offer.

How will you take workplace learning to the next level?

CredSpark empowers you to use interactive content in flexible and versatile ways to improve learner engagement and gain deep insights into talent potential, knowledge gaps, and more. The possibilities are endless.

  • Easily create assessments, knowledge checks, feedback loops, and more.

  • Anyone with “manage catalog” permissions can launch the CredSpark app, build assessments/surveys, and easily access/share data.

  • Customize the look and feel of an interaction within CredSpark. Look for the “Design” tab and explore a range of customization options from fonts and colors to button text.

  • Share data with 3rd parties. Look for the checkbox on the “Data” tab and offer business leaders or stakeholders immediate visibility into interaction data.

  • Use branching logic to create unique and responsive interactions.

  • Control the Results View to display answers and explanations to create a richer learning experience. 

CredSpark is super-easy to use! Start creating in minutes.



for even more powerful features.



for even more

powerful features.

The introductory version of CredSpark is already integrated into your Degreed license. However, due to high demand for certain features, Degreed and CredSpark offer a CredSpark+ paid subscription for those whose business needs require even more flexibility and functionality from their interactions and assessments.

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CredSpark+ for Degreed

  • Governance options to manage access to data and separate content by department or business unit

  • API access to bring data from CredSpark directly into a BI or similar application

  • Question Bank

  • Custom CSS options

  • Motivational dynamics including Leaderboards, streaks, confidence-based scoring, a quiz timer, question pools, a file-upload question type, and more

  • Advanced Scoring Options such as Category Scoring and more customizable score display in Results View

  • The ability to deliver assessments/surveys outside of Degreed, allowing you to share the same (or new) assessments to contractors or others who don’t have Degreed access while still storing all data in one place

  • Collections and aggregate reporting

  • Rich enough feature set to consolidate most, if not all, quiz/survey tools under one umbrella, solving challenges around QA and data management

  • Added features including confidence measures, display logic, file upload, NPS-style ratings, embed anywhere, email delivery, and more

What will you create with CredSpark?

  • Make your learner community more active and engaged.
  • Discover deep insights into learner knowledge, skills, motivation, and more.
  • Surface and identify high-potential talent.
  • Improve learner outcomes by making training and workforce development a sought-after benefit for your employees.