CredSpark Integration

Recognize talent and achievement by integrating Credly badges into your CredSpark interactions.

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CredSpark + Credly

CredSpark is an easy-to-use set of features where you can create interactive content to engage your audience and generate important data and insights about them. It’s highly customizable and requires absolutely zero code. From quizzes and assessments to knowledge tests and surveys, CredSpark helps you assess audience knowledge, validate training and learning, and pinpoint gaps and surface talent. When you add Credly to the mix, you can reward top performance with badges and other recognition.

What will you create with CredSpark and Credly?

CredSpark empowers you to use interactive content in flexible and versatile ways to improve engagement and gain a more meaningful understanding of your audience’s interests, goals, knowledge, and more. Credly helps you reward performance and participation and validate skills with seamlessly integrated badges and credentials.

The possibilities are endless.

  • Award badges for achievement, participation, completion, and more.

  • Spark additional engagement by adding competitive gaming elements like leaderboards or contests with integrated awards and achievements.

  • Gain actionable insights into audience knowledge on key topic areas.

  • Develop certifications and credentials that your audience members can achieve through participation in proficiency-based assessments.

CredSpark with Credly is super-easy to use!
Start creating and rewarding within minutes.

Once a shared client is set up—Credly Org ID and Auth Token added to their CredSpark account—it’s super easy for you to award someone a badge. As you create the assessment in CredSpark, simply click ‘Award a Credly Badge’ and select the correct badge from dropdown list as shown in the video below.

The CredSpark approach makes it simple to tie a badge award to a successful completion of a scored assessment, tightening the loop between someone demonstrating knowledge and skill and being recognized for that accomplishment. You can even award badges to people identified as different ‘types’ using an unscored Outcome Quiz (kind of like the Sorting Hat). 

What will you create with CredSpark?

  • Award participation and recognize talent with Credly badges.
  • Discover the knowns and unknowns of your audience.
  • Super-charge engagement with competitions, challenges, and more.
  • Drive richer results and build deeper connections with your audience.