CredSpark Integration

Gain deeper insights and drive more community engagement with embeddable quizzes, polls, surveys, and more.

CredSpark for Verint Community

CredSpark is an easy-to-use set of features where you can create interactive content to engage your community and generate important data and insights about them. It’s highly customizable and requires absolutely zero code. From polls and scored quizzes to knowledge tests and surveys, CredSpark helps you grow your community by building deeper, more authentic connections with your audience.

What will you create for your Verint community?

CredSpark empowers you to use interactive content in flexible and versatile ways to improve engagement in your community and gain a more meaningful understanding of your audience’s interests, goals, knowledge, and more. The possibilities are endless.

  • Take the pulse of your community and get instant feedback.

  • Assess community knowledge on key subjects.

  • Create fun and engaging community activities.

  • Spark additional engagement by adding competitive gaming elements like leaderboards or contests.

  • Assess community knowledge on key subjects.

  • Gain actionable insights into community needs and interests to better inform future content creation decisions.

  • Develop certifications and credentials that community members can achieve through participation in proficiency-based assessments.

CredSpark is super-easy to use! Start creating in minutes.

Download the introductory embeddable from Verint for easy integration into your community. CredSpark is a breeze to use and you can start creating interactive content experiences within minutes. Then, install the XML file for the embeddable within your organization’s Verint instance. Once that’s done you’ll want to create a CredSpark account and get your API key to link it up to your Verint Community. Contact your Verint CSR if you need help with any of these initial steps. Once that’s set up, it’s time to get rolling within CredSpark!

Plan and create your interaction.

Poll? Quiz? Survey? Form? Contest? What do you want your audience to do? What do you want to know about them? Then, choose the best interaction type for the job and start creating.

Embed your interaction within your community.

When you’re finished creating your interaction, simply use the seamless Verint integration to embed the interaction within any content types or pages within your community. Then point your audience to it and watch the engagement roll in.

Analyze the results.

CredSpark’s Data Dashboard allows for quick and easy data and trend analysis. Get valuable insights from participant answers. Pinpoint knowledge gaps. Analyze drop-off rates. Uncover new opportunities for community engagement. CredSpark makes it easy.



for even more powerful features.



for even more

powerful features.

The introductory version of CredSpark is including in your Verint Community license, and offers 1 creator/admin account, 2 simultaneous live interactions, and a limit of 200 responses per interaction.

Have bigger ambitions for interactive content? Upgrade to the Commercial Edition of CredSpark for Verint Community and get more usage and powerful additional features. Your upgrade is a simple add-on to your current Verint license. Contact your Verint representative for more information.

CredSpark for Verint Premium

  • 5 creator/admin accounts

  • An unlimited number of live simultaneous interactions

  • An unlimited number of responses

  • Advanced question types

  • Additional assessment features including confidence-based scoring, question pools, question tag tracking, and more

  • Notifications

  • Additional data capabilities

  • And more!

What will you create with CredSpark?

  • Make your customer community more lively, engaging, and enlightening.
  • Discover the knowns and unknowns of your audience.
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your community for your business.
  • Drive richer results and build deeper connections with your community.