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Generate sales-ready B2B leads that redefine the word “qualified.” Banter ® by CredSpark is an interactive lead-gen innovation that surfaces and ranks your highest qualified opportunities.

Your white papers and sponsored emails just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Current B2B lead gen efforts—whether for sponsors or for organizations directly—suffer from three serious challenges.

Low Engagement

Most B2B lead gen is coupled with a dull user experience with poor UX.

It’s inherently dull to fill out a form, and the payoff of reading a long white paper is no longer compelling versus other things to do online.

Poor Yield

Because the experience is so lifeless, the yield—% of page views that become leads—of standard B2B lead gen is dismal. And with small, more niche B2B audiences, many efforts yield numerically few leads which discourages sponsors and advertisers.

Minimal Qualification

Worst of all, most B2B lead gen doesn’t garner much beyond basic contact info, which is effectively worthless. Knowing somone’s email and job title doesn’t tell you anything about whether that person is a potential sales opportunity.

Meet Banter®.

With Banter®, you can create immersive, interactive lead gen experiences that engage audiences while deep-qualifying B2B leads, boosting the performance of your existing lead generation efforts.

Banter® is a tech-enabled service that ingeniously combines four essential components to create custom and exceptionally effective lead gen experiences.

Banter Deep Expertise

Based on our work with 100+ B2B brands, covering hundreds of interactive lead gen campaigns, CredSpark’s Banter® team brings a torrent of support and expertise that will help create interactions for your brand that drive meaningful results.

Banter Best-in-Class Tools

CredSpark’s software turns ‘flat’ B2B content – no matter how specialized/ technical – into participatory, engaging interactions. Our tools, embedded in your digital presence, engage your audiences at very high rates, dramatically boosting the yield of your lead gen efforts.

Banter Content Creation

We are experts at authoring interactive content that pulls people through the funnel and gets them to voluntarily share insights. You give us your (or your advertisers’) existing content, and we’ll transform it into a lead generating-and-qualifying interactive experience that your audience will enjoy.

Banter Analytics and Insights

We track and report everything related to your lead gen campaign, so you can see for yourself (or your advertisers) how well it’s working. Better still, we’ll recommend and implement (on your say-so) ongoing optimizations to improve lead gen performance.


makes the difference.

Banter® uses a proprietary ranking algorithm that processes your or your sponsor’s key qualification factors against the data generated from your audience’s participation in interactive content experiences.

Banter® surfaces your highest potential leads and provides your sales teams with detailed data on prospects’ needs, goals, and purchase intent.

Banter® seamlessly integrates with customer data platforms.

Banter’s® interactive audience experiences are data generating machines. And we’ve made it easy to put all the valuable data to good use through seamless integration with Omeda and other major customer data and marketing platforms.

Banter’s® powerful integrations enhance your customer profiles and bring your data to life for sales follow ups, custom email campaigns, marketing personalization, and more.

Omeda Integration and Banter

This is how we roll.

After an initial kick-off meeting to review and confirm goals and priorities, the CredSpark team will present a detailed project plan with a recommendation for a strategic approach.

That project plan will include:

• Key milestone dates
• Agreed-upon metrics/KPIs
• Clear roles and responsibilities
• A defined process for creating, deploying, evaluating, and
   adjusting content

Pricing for Banter® is based upon a standard service fee plus content creation services as needed. Contact us for more info or any questions.

High-quality leads are waiting.

Get in touch and let’s set up a brainstorm session and demo to explore how you can use Banter® to take your B2B lead gen efforts to the next level.