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Brands use CredSpark to transform content into compelling, interactive experiences that engage members, drive transactions, gather insights, and generate valuable first-party data .


Time Spent

155 sec vs. industry average of

62 sec


Completion Rate

83% of people complete 100%
of a CredSpark interaction


Data Points

On average, a single CredSpark
interaction generates 2,770
first-party data points

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Case Study

Learn how Princeton Review used interactive content to entice new leads; engage & qualify them; and generate $250,000 in additional revenue.

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Explore how brands are leveraging CredSpark to take their audience engagement & data strategy to the next level.

How do you help a sponsor raise awareness about a new product offering? JCK offered Brite.Co a hybrid quiz/market research/lead qualification engagement, inviting their audience of jewelry professionals to engage with fun, industry-relevant content while also collecting data on that audience’s needs.

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The Princeton Review leveraged a relevant topic to challenge their audience, resulting in high engagement, useful editorial insights, and highly-qualified leads.

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Using a customer-first approach, an innovative hair-care company used a series of questions to guide consumers to the right set of product recommendations. It’s a great example of surfacing the right product for an individual customer and teeing up sales.

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Expand your opportunities with these world-class integrations.

Degreed Logo

Connect learning and growth to business opportunities with Degreed—a single, fl uid skill-development experience.

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Credly Logo

Integrate Credly into your CredSpark interactions and recognize and verify the skills and achievements of your members.

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Omeda Integration and Banter

Make the most of the data gathered in your interactions with CredSpark’s seamless integration with Omeda, the leading audience relationship management platform.

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MarTech Logo

Personalize and fine-tune the targeting of your follow up marketing campaigns, powered by data and insights from your CredSpark market research interactions.

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