Unify CredSpark with your learner data and surface new insights.

CredSpark integrates directly Watershed—the leading learner records solutions provider—allowing you to integrate your CredSpark data into your learner profiles.

Here’s how it works.

CredSpark can seamlessly and securely integrate with any LRS/LMS solution through xAPI.
With xAPI, we track and record specific learner experiences within CredSpark interactions and then integrate that data directly into your learning management/records solution. Opportunities include:

  •  Completion of an Interaction
  •  Answered Questions
  • Pass/Fail Information
  • Received Score

The opportunities are endless. Want to learn more about the integration? Schedule a demo.

How can you best leverage your audience data ?

Get in touch and let’s set up a brainstorm session and demo to explore what you can do with CredSpark and Omeda.