Leverage data and insights to supercharge your sales efforts.

Increase sales by surfacing your audience’s needs and interests.

CredSpark interactive content experiences pinpoint the interests, needs, purchase intent, and budget for individual audience members or organizations. You can then leverage that data to showcase the exact right products and services at the exact right time.

How can you leverage CredSpark’s sales enablement features?

Turn static, digital sales collateral like white papers, brochures, prospectuses, and media kits into data-generating, interactive engagement machines that deliver valuable insights into a prospect’s potential purchase behavior.

Design “personalized, directed experiences” where prospects are shown appropriate products and services based on answers to intent- and qualification-based questions.

Create immersive product experiences where visitors can dive deep into the features and benefits of a product or service and see how it meets their own particular needs and interests.

Leverage CredSpark’s Data Dashboard to better inform and customize sales and marketing follow-ups and outreach efforts.

Gain ideas, insights, and strategies from CredSpark clients.

Sienna Naturals boosted a product relaunch with red carpet glamour and leveraged co-owner Issa Rae’s star power to engage their audience and gather valuable audience data.

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Restaurant Business developed a sponsored quiz that surfaced audience knowledge on flavor pairings, providing the sponsor with actionable insights into the market’s needs, as well as qualifed leads.

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Innovative features, Intuitive-to-use.

Create outstanding engagement while generating important data and insights with quizzes. With a wide range of interaction and question types, you can easily create an engaging, interactive experience for your audience that encourages them to continue forward and, if you want, provide detailed performance and comparison feedback. CredSpark quizzes are an easy and effective way to turn static content into something special that your audience will actually enjoy while you get valuable insights into their needs, purchase intent, opinions, product knowledge, and more.

Get instant feedback and insights into audience opinion with clever, interactive polls. And with Credspark, you can literally create them in minutes.

Develop innovative and immersive survey experiences that deliver deep and actionable insights. Mix survey questions with other media to create compelling experiences and keep participants actively engaged throughout. And with CredSpark’s progressive profiling features, you can survey your audience with smaller, more manageable experiences over time. CredSpark surveys deliver rich, actionable data and insights on your audience because people actually enjoy taking them.

Get incredibly targeted and specific for each individual audience member by leveraging CredSpark’s recommendation engine. As your audience answers questions, you can point them to specific topical content, products & services, additional feedback opportunities, and more—all based on their question inputs.

Get deeper insights and actionable data by using CredSpark’s logic features when creating your audience interactions. You can send participants down different and more personalized paths based on their responses to previous questions or have them skip past future questions that are no longer relevant based on their responses.

Leverage people’s innate desire to categorize and compare themselves. CredSpark outcome experiences send participants through an engaging interaction and based on their responses to questions, puts them into a predefined “category” or “bucket.” You can use this powerful feature to segment participants or put them into “communities” based on their interests, responses, needs, qualification factors, and more.

Take advantage of your participants’ competitive instincts and add game-like features to your CredSpark experiences. Leverage scored quizzes and leaderboards to create a game interaction where participants can compete for high scores/performance while you collect valuable data and insights. It’s also a great tool for contests, promotions, offers, and more. And be prepared to be blown away by the engagement metrics.

Leverage CredSpark’s progressive profiling to design compelling audience experiences over time, across a customer lifecycle, or across specific milestones. You can create more “bite-sized” interactions that quickly engage participants while gathering valuable data and insights. Follow up with more interactions over time and you add depth, breadth, and value to your audience data and then use that info to better inform follow up sales outreach efforts

Watch how easy this is.

Casey, CredSpark’s Head of Content Services, shows you how to create engaging content with the platform’s intuitive features in these short explainer videos.

Surface actionable insights with powerful data and analytics features.

CredSpark’s Data Dashboard leverages powerful analytics features to put the data your interactive content experiences generate into a user-friendly context to easily surface important insights into your audience.

Compelling data visualization brings your data to life with easily understandable charts and graphics.

Understand what your audience knows and doesn’t know with insight-driving topic tagging and analysis. Use that info to inform follow up campaigns, pinpoint knowledge gaps, and more.

Leverage progressive profiling to gradually build audience data over time and over multiple CredSpark interactions and further qualify leads every time they visit your digital properties.

Seamlessly integrate CredSpark interaction data with your existing marketing and customer databases to add depth and context to your audience profiles

Take your engagement and data full circle with these powerful integrations.

Omeda Integration and Banter

Make the most of the data gathered in your interactions with CredSpark’s seamless integration with Omeda, the leading audience relationship management platform.

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Personalize and fine-tune the targeting of your follow up marketing campaigns, powered by data and insights from your CredSpark market research interactions.

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Case Study

Learn how Education Week leveraged sponsored CredSpark quizzes to generate more than 1.5 million audience data points for their sponsors.

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The Latest Insight on Sales

Audience Insights is CredSpark’s free digital magazine, filled with strategies, insights, case studies, and real world examples on the future of audience engagement, community, data, privacy, & more.

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Education Week’s audience members are school district leaders whose daily decisions and actions determine the future of the American educational landscape. CredSpark has enabled us both to interactively engage and gather key insights on those educators, in turn unlocking value for the sponsors who help fund our high-quality journalism.nderstand your goals to help you achieve success. Engagement with our quiz and registration conversions far exceeded all expectations. It was a no-brainer to do another quiz to support this year’s attendee acquisition efforts.

— Chief Revenue Officer, Education Week

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