Unify your audience data and create amazing, new opportunities.

Omeda Integration and Banter

Clients of both CredSpark and Omeda can seamlessly send data back and forth and create new ways to segment, engage, and understand your audience.

Here’s how it works.

You can create CredSpark interactions where an Omeda audience is brought in, as well as incorporate new data gathered through a CredSpark experience and send it back to enhance your audience profiles in Omeda.

With this seamless integration, you can pass data back and forth through email, data loaders, and webhooks. In addition, CredSpark can pull in data from known users in Omeda and send info on unknown users back to Omeda to help identify them. It’s a powerful way to engage your audience while enhancing your audience data.

Want to learn more about the integration? 

The opportunities are endless.

What you can achieve when you combine the powerful features of CredSpark and Omeda?

Increase Subscriptions / Generate New Leads:

Use Omeda to target unknown traffic to your site and present them with a short engagement. Offer them the chance to opt-in to emails from you and collect the necessary information from them within CredSpark.

More Effectively Segment Your Audience:

Use Omeda to send emails to known users; embed a CredSpark-powered interaction in that email with questions around purchase intent, goals, desires—anything you want to know more about them. Bring the relevant data back to Omeda to shunt audiences into custom campaigns.

And Much More:

Use the CredSpark + Omeda integration to promote events; drive registrations; match individuals to the specific products and services that best meet their needs, and better qualify leads for your organization or for your sponsors.

How can you best leverage your audience data ?

Get in touch and let’s set up a brainstorm session and demo to explore what you can do with CredSpark and Omeda.