CredSpark Integration

Gain deeper insights and create more meaningful follow ups with 2-way integration between CredSpark and Omeda.

CredSpark + Omeda

CredSpark is an easy-to-use set of features where you can create interactive content to engage your audience and generate important data and insights about them. It’s flexible, highly customizable, and requires absolutely zero code. From editorial quizzes and market research surveys to sponsored lead generation and subscription and registration interactions, the CredSpark and Omeda integration seamlessly allows you to send audience data back and forth and create new ways to segment, engage, and understand your audience.

How can you leverage CredSpark with Omeda?

CredSpark empowers you to use interactive content in flexible and versatile ways to improve audience engagement and gain more meaningful insights into their interests, goals, knowledge, and more. The possibilities are endless.

  • Transform evergreen content into engaging interactive experiences that smash traditional engagement metrics.

  • Insert interactions into email campaigns and follow up communications to collect even more audience data.

  • Use CredSpark interaction data to enhance targeting and personalization in your outbound communications.

  • Take the pulse of your audience and get instant feedback.

  • Assess audience knowledge on key subjects or topics.

  • Create fun and engaging activities.

  • Spark additional engagement by adding competitive gaming elements like leaderboards or contests.

  • Create innovative, new ways to gate content.

  • Gain actionable insights into audience needs and interests to better inform future content creation decisions.

  • Create sponsored interactions that generate valuable data and hyper-qualified leads that advertisers will pay a premium for.

CredSpark is super-easy to use! Start creating in minutes.

CredSpark is a breeze to use and you can start creating interactive content experiences within minutes. You can create interactions where an Omeda audience is brought in, as well as incorporate new data gathered through a CredSpark experience and send it back to enhance your audience profiles in Omeda.

With this seamless integration, you can pass data back and forth through email, data loaders, and webhooks. In addition, CredSpark can pull in data from known users in Omeda and send info on unknown users back to Omeda to help identify them. It’s a powerful way to engage your audience while enhancing your audience data.

Plan and create your interaction.

Poll? Quiz? Survey? Form? Contest? What do you want your audience to do? What do you want to know about them? Then, choose the best interaction type for the job and start creating.

Embed your interaction within your community.

When you’re finished creating, simply embed the interaction into web pages, emails, and more. Then point your audience to it and watch the engagement roll in.

Analyze the results.

CredSpark’s Data Dashboard allows for quick and easy data and trend analysis. Get valuable insights from participant answers. Pinpoint knowledge gaps. Analyze drop-off rates. Uncover new opportunities for engagement. CredSpark makes it easy.


What will you create with CredSpark?

  • Create content that’s more lively, engaging and enlightening.
  • Discover the knowns and unknowns of your audience.
  • Deploy interactions that drive sponsor revenue and increase transactions.
  • Drive richer results and build deeper connections with your audience