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Jan 20, 2022

Conversation is the Core of Community

If you ask community leaders what they think is the basis of a thriving online community,  you’ll often get the response: “Common Interest.” And it’s true; common interest often draws people together. Tightly focused communities around highly targeted content can drive deep audience engagement and impressive business results. However, there is one key risk that even the most active communities face: How do you avoid hitting the wall? And by that, I mean the wall of repetitive content, the exhaustion of key topics, and the subsequent decline in engagement, activity, and traffic. In short, how do you avoid community flameout?

The Promise of Conversation

Think about it: What’s the secret sauce of a really great party (besides free flowing booze)? It’s great conversation. And how is great conversation fostered? People ask interesting and probative questions of each other and in the process, learn more about one another; find common interests; and make deeper connections.  We think that “process”—enabled through interactive content—can be an underlying driver of audience engagement, audience development, and community building. Let’s dig deeper by starting with a question…

What’s the Impact of Conversation on a Community?

Incorporating interactive content into your community can foster audience conversations and tangibly improve business results. In our client work, we see positive impact in six key areas:

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