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Hyper-Personalized Content, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Ask questions. Deliver individualized content based on answers.

Now, what you tell your audience reflects what they tell you.

Whether your content is for marketing, learning, or product, it should reflect the interests, needs, and knowledge of your individual audience members. Thanks to CredSpark’s integration of AI with our interactive content platform, you can now hyper-personalize your content at scale, cost-effectively.


Person answers questions.


In the background, logic and AI combine with that person’s answers to generate a written narrative (can include links, images, etc.)


Person gets individualized recommendations that are highly readable.

Want engagement? Give them relevance.

What you can do with hyper-personalization:

Event guides

Highlight the most relevant exhibitors, sessions and products based upon peoples’ specific reasons for attending.

Destination guides

Tell people about specific destinations, attractions and properties based on their unique needs.

Hyper-personal profiles

Let people tell you a bit about themselves, then turn that data into guidance and suggestions written just for them.

Solution guides

Generate an overview of a complex, customized B2B solution specifically tailored to client needs – before the sales call.

AI that’s here today, and won’t break your budget.

A way to hyper-charge your business goals

Hyper-personalized, interactive content solutions don't just deliver value for your audience; they deliver true business opportunity in the form of customer data and insights. From research to revenue, your content becomes a marketing workhorse that delivers measurable ROI.

  • Generate & qualify leads
  • Get real-time customer feedback on new products and services
  • Deliver a truly immersive customer experience
  • Develop premium advertising experiences that deliver eyeballs & actionable data for your advertisers.

What are your business goals? Let’s see how hyper-personalized content can help you achieve them.

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