Are You Treating Each of Your Members Exactly the Same?


Is your association or nonprofit missing out on big opportunities because you’re not leveraging a few simple audience engagement and personalization tactics? You just might be…

At CredSpark, we work with associations and nonprofits to help them uncover business opportunities and achieve objectives through the power of member engagement. Through our work with clients, we’ve identified three key areas for associations to supercharge engagement and drive new member actions and transactions. We’re highlighting them in infographic form to showcase how easily and quickly organizations can take advantage of these opportunities, build stronger relationships with your memberships, and grow non-dues revenue. Let’s take a look:

Opportunity 1

Each one of your members has different reasons for joining, different goals and interests, and is at varying points in their career. By simply asking a few questions, your organization can use that info to point each member to specific content, programs, benefits, and offerings—all based on each member’s individual needs and interests. It’s a potent way to improve member engagement and satisfaction—almost immediately.


Opportunity 2.

Events are a vital part of the revenue mix for many associations and nonprofits. The issue is you have complex event offerings that have to cover the varying interests and goals of your members. Many times, it’s hard to convey the value of big, complex event to a single individual. CredSpark clients leverage personalization by having potential event attendees indicate their goals and needs for the event and then use that data to match each member with the specific sessions, speakers, trainings, exhibitors, and networking opportunities that best meet those needs. Watch as registrations and event satisfaction levels skyrocket.


Opportunity 3: Drive Education Enrollments.

Your members are at differing points in their careers and have differing education, training, and advancement goals based on where they are. CredSpark works with associations to better leverage personalization to create Personalized Learning Pathways for each member based on their particular needs and interests. No more relying on your members searching your product catalog on their own. Personalized Learning Pathways allow you to surface exactly the right products and services, exactly when your members need them. Your enrollment numbers will see a profound impact.


Interested in more opportunities for associations and nonprofits?

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