New Features = New Opportunities


The CredSpark Product Team just released an array of new features and tools and that means more opportunities for our clients to engage and delight their audiences. What will you create? We can’t wait to find out. Let’s take a look

Hyper-personalize the Results View with Display Logic.

For Premier/Ultimate/CredSpark+, use Custom Message blocks to display information based on the answers to specific questions.

Correct, correct, correct…You’re on a streak!

For Premier/Ultimate/CredSpark+, we’ve added streak tracking as a motivational/engagement tool. Now, you can decide how often correct answer streaks are celebrated (and whether or not to include fireworks)

Set validation rules for short-answer questions.

You can now set character count (max and min) or limit responses to only whole numbers or only numbers with decimals.


Customize your Collections reports with date filtering.

For Premier/Ultimate/CredSpark+, you can now filter activity in Collections by a specific date or range.

Take your audience engagement to the next level.

If you’re a CredSpark client, let us know if need a brainstorm session on how to best leverage these new features. If you’re not a client and we’ve stoked your interest; give us a shout and we’ll be happy to demo these and all the amazing features that CredSpark has to offer.

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