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What Opportunities are Associations Leaving on the Table?


CredSpark Association + Nonprofit Series:

Is the Age of Engagement Leaving Your Organization Behind?

In the not-so-distant past, associations and nonprofits could reasonably and reliably expect that they could capture and hold the attention of people involved in their respective professional or topical niches. Where else could they go for expert content, education and certification, peer-reviewed research, high quality speakers and events, networking opportunities, etc.? Today—in the world of on-demand information—the answer to that question is: “a lot of places.”

What is the Age of Engagement?

The latest advances in Internet, AI, and communications technology have enabled an incredible—and affordable—level of personalization at mass scale. And, it’s being adopted at lightning speed. In fact, a personalized experience is now an audience expectation, not a nice-to-have. Before, treating your membership as a monolithic group may have been an efficient way to do business. Now, it’s downright detrimental to your organization’s goals and growth. To showcase your organization’s value, it’s imperative that you turn that “broadcast approach” to communication into personable, one-on-one conversations informed by each member’s interests and needs.

What Opportunities Are You Missing Now?

From traditional metrics (new memberships, renewals, subscriptions, etc.) to more “soft power” benefits (membership insights, brand value, and customer intent), personalization—delivered through smart, interactive content—can unlock tremendous opportunities within association and nonprofit organizations. Let’s take a look at a few:

Rejuvenating the Membership

Your more tenured membership may truly value and enjoy “business as usual;” and there’s no reason to deliver them anything different. However, conveying your organization’s value, through that same prism, to a generation born with the Internet is a significant challenge. Personalized content and communication enables you to reach both audiences, based on each member’s particular needs, goals, or stage of their membership lifecycle.

Generating Data + Insights

Asking questions of—and holding conversations with—your membership generates valuable data. Smart associations and nonprofits leverage that data to inform business decisions across the organization, including product development, marketing, member outreach, events and conferences, and more. This first-party data is literally your organization’s secret weapon. It will light the way in terms of creating more value for your membership and developing richer, more profitable relationships with them.

Growing Non-Dues Revenue

Put that data and those insights to good use and create a personalized pathway for each member, surfacing the relevant products, events, services, subscriptions, and networking opportunities for each member, at exactly the right time. Your interactions and transactions will grow because you’re delivering relevance to your membership.

Creating More Value

Yours is a service organization. Your mission is to create meaningful value and results for your membership. Deeper engagement, driven by personalization, amplifies the value that you deliver. And that helps you turn members into evangelists…which drives more new members…which drives more data…which drives more sales…You get the idea.

What’s In It for Your Organization?

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