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The Secrets to Turning Audience Engagement into Sponsor Revenue

How Data-Rich, Sponsored Interactions Can Turn the Tide in an Uncertain Digital Advertising Market


What’s the forecast for digital advertising in 2023? Gusty with a high chance of desperation.

Let’s start off with four headwinds we’re all familiar with.

  • Recession-related fears and a pullback from massive digital advertising growth during the pandemic slashed ad budgets in 2022 and into 2023. The double-digit growth in digital advertising revenue in the United States during the pandemic is expected to slow to single-digit or flat for 2023. (Magna)
  • Apple’s privacy changes were estimated to have reduced mobile advertising ROI by 38%. (Forbes)
  • The shift away from cookie-based tracking has advertisers—and organizations dependent on advertising—scrambling to build proprietary audience data.
  • The user experience and engagement level of traditional digital advertising and sponsored content are still pretty boring and flat (and we’re being very generous here).

The combination of these factors have darkened the prospects for digital ad growth for media companies and publishers heading into 2023. Despite that uncertainty, Interactive Content Experiences can help you turn adversity into opportunity while others struggle to stay afloat.

Interactive advertising experiences solve a lot of problems.

Over the past decade, CredSpark has partnered with media, publishers, associations, marketers, and more to develop turnkey sponsored interactions that delight audiences; more than double traditional engagement metrics; seamlessly integrate with existing CDPs and CRMs; and generate valuable, actionable zero-party data that sponsors crave. And, even in this depressed ad market, our clients have been able to command a premium for these unique, immersive ad experiences.

What are the secrets to successful interactive content?

Stop discounting and start delivering data.

There’s a reason why clicks are cheap: They don’t tell you very much. Interactive content experiences, however, are the extroverts of the digital world. Engage with your audience in a compelling way and they open up a treasure trove of data and insights. When audiences are offered context and value, they respond with actions and transactions. And when your sponsors ask for 1,000 clicks for a pile of pennies; ask them if they’d rather have 100 ready-to-buy leads with thousands of actionable data points on their needs, interests, goals, budget, and intent. How much do you think they’d pay for that?

Stop creating avoidable ad units and start creating engaging experiences.

Traditional online advertising hasn’t moved much beyond a digital version of a billboard. Think about turning your static content (or your sponsors’ static content) into immersive, interactive experiences that take your audience on a multimedia journey of discovery through a particular topic or issue, a sponsor’s products or services, or even a personalized experience of what to expect at an upcoming event or conference. In short, traditional advertising delivers clicks and eyeballs. Interactive experiences deliver clicks, eyeballs, data, engagement, insights, and transactions. There is no comparison.

Stop broadcasting and start asking questions.

One-way communication produces noise, not information. In a world where the entire Internet is shouting at your audience every day, engaging with them by delivering experiences that ask questions about their particular needs and interests will help you stand apart from the cacophony. And, questions also serve as engagement engines, drawing your audience deeper and deeper into your or your sponsors’ content and deepening their relationship with your brand and your advertisers.

Stop delivering just clicks and eyeballs and start delivering hyper-qualified leads with actionable insights.

Sponsored Lead Generation programs have been the bright spot in the digital advertising industry, especially with B2B media. Take advantage of that by distinguishing your lead gen programs with a conversation layer that delivers a valuable back-and-forth with your audience that generates a rich set of data and insights. These immersive experiences deliver exceptional value for both your audience and your sponsors. And they’re not burdensome or expensive to create. High-value, high-priced sponsorship program with low cost and maintenance? Need we say more?

Learn How to Turn Adversity into Opportunity in 2023.

CredSpark will be at BIMS. Join us and win?

Growing Sponsorship Revenue is a key topic at this year’s BIMS 2023, the premier conference for business and information publishing, held in Orlando from February 22-24. CredSpark will be there this year as a presenter and sponsor. We’ll be engaging with attendees on topics just like this one, plus revenue and monetization, leadership, and tech and strategy.

Is attending BIMS right for you and your organization? Well, let’s find out. CredSpark worked with BIMS to create an interactive content experience (just like the ones we’ve been talking about in this article). Go through the experience and find out which sessions, speakers, and more best meet your interests, your needs, and expectations.

Should you attend BIMS 2023?

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