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May 8, 2023 |

We Need to Talk About Your Media Kit

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Audience Insights :

 The CredSpark Blog

We Need to Talk About Your Media Kit

May 8, 2023 |

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“So enough about me talking about me. Let’s talk about you… So, what do you think about me?”

– Bette Midler in the movie Beaches

If your media kit is an exercise in narcissism, I’m willing to bet that it’s not going to be the start of a beautiful relationship between your organization and prospective advertisers.

What’s an exercise in narcissism look like? If your media kit is just page after page of screenshots and specs and loving detail about audience demographics–THAT is narcissism. Your media kit isn’t inspiring buyers: more likely it’s confusing, overwhelming, and makes decisions harder rather than easier.

Many ad sales teams don’t put much thought or effort into creating media kits because they think media buyers are ambivalent about them. However, speak to a group of buyers about media kits and you will get anything but ambivalence. In fact, you might evoke rage and resentment, followed by feelings of remorse, and ultimately nihilism.

Hyperbole aside, lame media kits are a 🔥🔥🔥 hot button issue 🔥🔥🔥 (as well as a running joke) for agency media buyers and advertisers.

So grab your media kit and pull up a couch. We’re going to have a little couples’ therapy session.

Dear Media Kits: You’re the Problem.

The Top 5 Frustrations About Media Kits

1. You treat me like a transaction.

If I have to provide you with my details before I learn anything about you, then you lost me at “hello.” Effective media kits can be powerful lead generation tools, but you have to provide value in return for (and in advance of) lead gen data. Relationships are earned, not ‘required fields.

2. You do all the talking.

You never listen. You never ask about my needs. How do we know we’re the right fit for each other if we’re only having a one-way conversation? Yes, I want to learn more about the value that you and your audience offer. However, I need to know that the value aligns with my needs, goals, and objectives. You won’t get the answers…until you ask the questions.

3. We never talk about the elephant in the room.

You always tell me how much you’re worth, but you never tell me how much you cost. Money is a touchy subject in any relationship, but it shouldn’t be ignored or hidden so that it forces a conversation when I’m not ready for one yet. I want to evaluate the playing field and need information to do that effectively. Yes, I’m aware that you might make me an offer I can’t refuse; but I don’t want to waste my time (or yours) if you’re clearly out of my league. Don’t shy away from uncomfortable topics, have a conversation about them.

4. You don’t make me feel like an individual.

Don’t throw your past relationships in my face (and in your media kit). I’m not one of your other conquests; I want to feel special. You won’t know how to do that without asking me about what I want out of this relationship. First, ask about my objectives, my target audience, my desired outcomes… Give me specific ideas and recommendations on how what you bring to the table can help me achieve my goals. Don’t be predatory; be prescriptive.

5. Don’t talk to me about ad size; I want to know what works.

When you understand more about me, my budget, my products and services, my target audience, etc., you can create a custom advertising program that directly addresses my objectives, provides recommendations if I want to spend a little more, and showcases specific examples of what’s worked in the past for others. Don’t try to sell me everything all at once. Capture my attention first with the one thing that will work best for me. Bigger isn’t better; better is better.

The Next Big Thing: Media Kit Intelligence (MKi)

Media Kits Can’t Do That! Or Can They?

That was cathartic! Now that we got that off our chests, let’s explore an opportunity to make this relationship more productive for the both of us.

At CredSpark, we’re somewhat like therapists: we have tools to help improve your relationship with your advertisers and sponsors. How? Our app helps publishing and media companies transform static PDF media kits into compelling digital experiences that gather crucial data on prospects’ budget, timing, intent, needs, and advertising objectives; and then showcase customized recommendations on the specific ad products and services that best meet those specifications.

Media Kit Intelligence experiences help you gain insight into prospective buyers, qualify them, and provide sales teams with valuable intelligence to close deals more efficiently.

The Unmatched Benefits of Media Kit Intelligence Experiences

Well, Media Kit Intelligence is interactive—it’s an experience.

MKis create a venue for a two-way, digital dialogue. They provide an active, tactile, real-time experience with prospective buyers. No more ‘download and forget it;’ these media kits are active participants in a conversation with your prospects.

They’re prescriptive.

MKis help you get past the paralysis of choice by asking prospects about their specific needs, budget, timeline, and interests and then surfacing the most relevant ad products for them. The process amplifies that you are concerned about sponsor goals and objectives and are providing custom solutions to address them.

They provide value.

Watch lead capture rates explode when you provide real, tangible value in exchange for lead information. Media Kit Intelligence experiences make lead capture a natural part of the experience by placing the value that access to your audience provides in the context of your prospects’ campaign objectives. Prospective buyers don’t have to make those connections themselves. The Media Kit Intelligence experience makes it obvious and intuitive.

They surface insights and intelligence.

MKis are not just sales collateral; they’re active assistants for your sales team, providing invaluable pre-sales intelligence and relationship-building insights to make the sales process more efficient from inquiry to closing.

Are You Ready to Close the Deal?

Let Us Know How We Can Help.

We think Media Kit Intelligence experiences are innovative, powerful tools to supercharge your sales activities and deepen your client relationships. This could be the start of a beautiful—and lucrative—relationship after all.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more.


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