CredSpark Client Example

How do you effectively communicate your sponsor’s brand in a fun and engaging way?

Let’s explore how Travel Weekly did it.

Travel Weekly + CredSpark

Travel Weekly developed a series of short quizzes that created fun educational engagements for their sponsor, Air Tahiti Nui. Not only did they create brand awareness, they also used CredSpark’s quiz engine in a unique way that generated leads and subscriptions. Let’s take a look….

Air Tahiti Nui Quiz

The Impact

  • Engaged the Travel Weekly Audience with the Air Tahiti Nui brand in a fun, clever way.
  • Generated important lead information and opportunities for new subscriptions.


People Engaged

Extremely high engagement rate


Lead Capture Rate

Over 50% lead capture rate


Data Points Collected

Over 30 thousand data points collected


Travel Weekly is a United States national media brand for travel industry professionals.

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