CredSpark Client Example

How do you gain insight into a professional audience’s mindset about industry threats? You ask.

Let’s explore how Progressive Grocer did it.

Progressive Grocer + CredSpark

Progressive Grocer reaches the top decision makers in the supermarket industry. They leveraged CredSpark’s polling technology to quickly create an interaction to gain insights into how supermarket leaders were thinking about competitive threats. Let’s take a look:

Amazon, Walmart, Hard-Discounters: Which is the Greater Threat?

The Impact

  • Added a quick, interactive element to the content experience.
  • Collected unique insights, data, and market intelligence on competitive threats to the industry.
  • Allowed readers to see how their opinion fit in with their colleagues in the industry.



More than 800 people gave their opinion


Progressive Grocer has been the leading voice of the supermarket industry for more than 100 years, serving the needs of top management and decision makers from headquarters to the stores.

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