CredSpark Client Example

Big events have a lot to offer; but they can also be incredibly overwhelming. How can you showcase the value of attending to each prospective registrant?

Let’s explore how BNP Media did it.

BNP Media + CredSpark

BNP Media used CredSpark’s recommendation engine to create custom itineraries for each prospective registrant of their industry-leading ASSEMBLY show. People considering attending the show answered a few questions that surfaced their interests, needs, and goals. They were then matched to specific sessions, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors based on those insights. Take a look…

Personalized Itinerary for the ASSEMBLY Show

The Impact

  • Prospective attendees could immediately see the specific aspects of the show that best meet their individual interests
  • Increased event registrations
  • Connected high-potential attendees with relevant sponsors and exhibitors
  • Improved event engagement


BNP Media is a fourth-generation, family-run B2B media business. Millions of professionals rely on BNP Media for the most relevant and actionable information through its magazines, events, websites, market research, and more.

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