CredSpark Client Example

How do you engage readers on a hot industry topic while simultaneously qualifying them as leads for a sponsor?

Let’s explore how Education Week did it.

Education Week + CredSpark

Education Week was engaging readers on the sensitive topic of culturally responsive education and decided to include an interactive element through CredSpark, gauging participant knowledge on the issue, while simultaneously introducing them to sponsor Concordia University. Let’s take a look:

How Much Do You Know About Culturally Responsive Education?

The Impact

  • Challenged reader knowledge on an important and highly debated topic.
  • Gained insights on participants’ understanding of an important issue.
  • Captured and qualified leads for a sponsor.



The number of readers who completed the interaction



The number of participants who opted in for more information


Education Week Logo

Education Week is an independent news organization that has covered K–12 education since 1981. It is known for providing both news and analysis, along with explanatory and investigative journalism across a range of digital, print, and broadcast platforms as well as through live and virtual events.

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