CredSpark Client Example

How can you capture real-time data and insights from your audience?

Let’s explore how MedPage Today did it.

MedPage Today + CredSpark

The editors at MedPage Today tapped CredSpark’s polling features to capture real-time information, actionable data, and insights on a medical procedure for osteoporosis. The interaction provided useful and highly targeted intelligence of interest to the editorial team, the audience, and potential sponsors alike. Let’s take a look:

How Often Do You Perform DEXA Testing in Your Patients on Osteoporosis Therapy?

The Impact

  • Engaged the audience with an interactive experience, increasing time on site
  • Gathered real-time, valuable audience intelligence on how a particular medical procedure was being used in the field.
  • Gained valuable insights into better inform editorial decisions and captured data of interest to potential sponsors.



The number of people providing data through the poll


MedPage Today is a trusted source for clinical news across medical specialties, focusing on the news and information that directly impact the careers and practices of healthcare professionals.


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