CredSpark Client Example

How to gauge your audience’s knowledge on—and concerns about—a vital topic while providing actionable data and insights to your sales teams?

Let’s explore how eHealth did it.

eHealth + CredSpark

eHealth worked directly with CredSpark to develop a hybrid quiz-survey that gauged the audience’s knowledge of important changes coming to health insurance in 2019. They used the information that was gathered in the interaction to better understand consumers’ concerns, pain points, and knowledge gaps to better inform their sales conversations. Let’s take a look:

How Will Health Insurance Change This Year?

The Impact

  • Captured people’s attention on a very important and top-of-mind issue
  • Gauged participants’ knowledge of key changes impacting healthcare coverage
  • Captured first-party data on consumer interest, concerns, budget, and more; which was then used to better inform sales conversations



The percentage of participants who completed the entire survey



The percentage of completions who opted in for more information


eHealth Logo

eHealth is the leading online marketplace in the United States for individual and family health insurance products.

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