CredSpark Client Example

What’s the best way to take advantage of influencer marketing tactics while promoting a product re-launch?

Let’s explore how Sienna Naturals did it.

Sienna Naturals + CredSpark

Sienna Naturals boosted a product re-launch with red carpet glamor and leveraged new co-owner Issa Rae’s star power to engage their audience. By taking advantage of CredSpark’s display logic engine, Sienna Naturals was able to engage their audience in a humorous way, while learning more about their customer’s product and style preferences. Let's take a look:

Match Up with Your Inner Issa & We'll Tell You What's Next for Your Hair

The Impact

  • Provided customized product recommendations based on audience responses
  • Leveraged influencer marketing in a unique and engaging way to capture attention
  • Gained deep insights into consumer lifestyle, product, and style choices


Lead Capture Rate

Over half of participants provided their contact information.


Email Opt-In Rate

30% of quiz takersthat provided contact info opted-in to receive email


Sienna Naturals creates a modern hair care solutions that give their targeted demographic the freedom to achieve their hair goals and best styles with hair health, body wellness, and planet-friendly formulas

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