CredSpark Client Example

How do you take the pulse of your professional audience on a key and topical social issue

Let’s explore how MedPage Today did it.

MedPage Today + CredSpark

The editors at MedPage Today created a survey on the Me Too issues to gather the opinions, insights, and personal experiences of doctors on this cultural significant issue. It was a great example of using a hot topic in a way to shine light on their own profession and driving audience engagement in the process. Let's take a look:

#METOO Survey

The Impact

  • Engaged the audience with an interactive experience, increasing time on site
  • Tapped into the attention (and intensity) of a topically, significant issue 
  • Gained valuable insights into the opinions and experiences of their audience as it pertained to the Me Too Movement
  • Created opportunities for PR and social media management 



The number of people participating in the survey



The total number of audience data points collected over all the interactions


MedPage Today is a trusted source for clinical news across media specialties, focusing on the news and information that directly impact the careers and practices of healthcare professionals

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