CredSpark Client Example

How do you build hype and engagement for an important awards program?

Let’s explore how TravelAge West did it.

TravelAge West + CredSpark

TravelAge West created a CredSpark interaction as a voting tool for an annual industry awards program. Not only did they capture a record number of votes, TravelAge West solidified their position as an organization that wants to reward quality service, and provide the best recommendations for their clients. Let’s take a look…

TravelAge West WAVE Awards

The Impact

  • Created an engaging interaction that captured a record number of votes.
  • Collected important data and audience insights on critical aspects of the industry.
  • Generated interest and hype for an annual industry awards program.


Votes Recorded

Gathered the opinions of thousands of customers and industry professionals


For 49 years, TravelAge West has been the trusted voice of the travel industry in the Western U.S. With award-winning writing and design, TravelAge West publication brings the best of travel to life for readers.

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