CredSpark Client Example

How do you get sponsors excited about—and engaged with—a virtual event?

Let’s explore how Metaverse did it.

Metaverse + CredSpark

The nerds at Metaverse, the online event for New York Comic Con, wanted to help their sponsor, McDonald’s engage with their very targeted audience around the worlds of manga and anime. They used CredSpark to create a fun, engaging quiz experience that probed the audience’s anime preferences and paired them with a specific McDonald’s dipping sauce . Let’s take a look:

What McDonald's Dipping Sauce Are You Based On Your Anime Preferences?

The Impact

  • Created a fun interactive experience that engaged virtual event attendees
  • Helped a sponsor create brand connections with a very niche, targeted audience
  • Surfaced insights and data on the audience’s anime preferences
  • Tapped into the nerdy, fun vibe of the metaverse event



The number of people who completed the entire experience



11% of completions clicked to learn more.



The median engagement time with the interaction.


Metaverse is the online companion to the massive New York Comic Con, providing an online engagement platform for super fans.

Comic Con is a huge pop culture event put on by CredSpark Client RX. RX Global is one of the world’s largest conference and event producers, connecting industries and individuals with magical and informative face-to-face experiences.

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