CredSpark Client Example

How do you capture the energy and engagement of a 20,000 attendee, in-person festival and translate it to a virtual event?

Let’s explore how BookCon did it.

BookCon + CredSpark

Forced to pivot to virtual during the pandemic, BookCon leveraged CredSpark’s sorting and outcomes capabilities to create a series of themed interactions to develop a sense of community in a virtual environment, drive merchandise sales online, and foster social media engagement. Take a look…

The Impact

  • Translated the energy and excitement of a huge live event to the virtual world
  • Leveraged interactions to allow attendees to self categorize themselves, generating new insights and audience data while creating a sense of community
  • Drove social media sharing, interactions, and conversations
  • Leveraged data collected to target and drive merchandise sales



The number of people who started the interaction.



The number of people who completed the other quizzes in the series


BookCon is an annual fan convention that merges the world of pop culture and the book industry. It’s attended by thousands of fans, as well as authors, creators, and celebrities.

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