CredSpark Client Example

How does a simple, one-question poll generate a 42% email opt-in rate?

Let’s explore how WATT Global Media did it.

WATT Global Media + CredSpark

WATT Global Media polled their audience on a timely topic, which then led to a call to action. They gathered important information regarding the events attendance during the pandemic, while capturing new email marketing leads.

The Impact

  • Turned a quick one-question poll into a powerful workhorse generating a high email opt-in rate.
  • Gathered important information regarding events to direct future business decisions.



Over 1,000 responses generated


Email Opt-In Rate

Over 40% of participants opted-in to email


WATT Global Media publishes print and digital products that deliver information to executives and decision-makers in poultry, pig, animal feed, and pet food industries worldwide.

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