CredSpark Client Example

Think you need a complicated, cumbersome platform to offer continuing education options? Maybe think again…

Let’s explore how PRIME does it.

PRIME + CredSpark

PRIME offers a variety of robust continuing education opportunities for doctors. Here they leverage the flexibility of CredSpark to create an interaction that is both educational and evaluative–doctors are presented with a real-life case study and get immediate feedback on their decisions. Best of all? Easy to create and deploy, and accessible from anywhere.

Clinical Case Challenge

The Impact

  • Engaged the audience with an interactive experience, increasing time on site
  • Tapped into the competitive spirit and drove return visits
  • Gained valuable insights into audience knowledge, better informing future editorial decisions



Case studies and more, all for continuing education


Interactions Completed

The current number (and counting!) of doctors completing a CE interaction.

Client Spotlight

Engaging a top-down and bottom-up approach, PRIME®‘s unique learning models empower healthcare teams and systems to reflect on and react to effective workflow processes, pathways, algorithms, and best practices that improve care quality and patient outcomes. Clinicians, administrators, teams, and patients are engaged in a community of learning to design, react to, benchmark, monitor, and measure action plans based on group interventions. Designed to advance collaborations, PRIME®‘s systems-based learning interventions have demonstrated sustainable and scalable behavioral change.

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