CredSpark Client Example

Which sessions and vendors are most valued by your event attendees? What are they most interested in and excited about? What would you do with that information?

Let’s explore how PMMI Media Group did it.

PMMI Media Group + CredSpark

PMMI leveraged CredSpark’s personalization features to help event attendees narrow down the sessions and vendors that were most aligned to their interests and needs. In the process, event organizers learned what is most important and valued by their event attendees, providing valuable insights and intelligence for future event planning. Take a look…

Get the Most from PACK EXPO

The Impact

  • Prospective attendees could immediately see the specific aspects of the show that best meet their individual interests
  • Connected high-potential attendees with relevant sponsors and exhibitors
  • Improved event engagement
  • Gathered valuable insights to improve future events


Activation Rate

Completed the interaction


Lead Capture Rate

Provided lead complete lead information

Client Spotlight

PMMI Media Group is a B2B media company that connects manufacturers to the latest content, data, solutions, and trends in packaging and processing. 

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