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Solutions for Maximizing the Value of Your Audience

CredSpark is much more than software.

Whether you use CredSpark out-of-the-box or customize your engagement with additional services, we'll ensure that your use of our platform exceeds your business goals and expectations.

CredSpark can help you develop new content or adapt your existing content to create effective audience engagement experiences.

Content Development

You have plenty of content, but also plenty to do. Your team may lack the time to write the quality interactive content that will generate data and leads for you and your clients. CredSpark's highly-trained content experts have collectively written tens of thousands of questions on a bewildering range of topics. We'll put their learning and assessment expertise (and bandwidth) to work for you.

CredSpark's expert development team can enahance & add features to our custom API to ensure your CredSpark experience meets your business needs.

Custom Integrations

CredSpark was built to integrate well into the systems that run your business, from marketing automation systems to audience and user databases. CredSpark easily embeds into your website, and our API has multiple ways for you to deliver your data in real-time to exactly where it needs to be. Our engineers can enhance and customize the CredSpark API to fit your unique data requirements and workflow.

Need a special algorithm? Have unique content types? No problem. CredSpark can custom develop to meet your needs.

Custom Features + Functionality

CredSpark's platform has hundreds of features to meet our clients' needs, and we constantly enhance our software. However, if you need something unique to your organization—such as a custom scoring algorithm, a unique content type, or personalization capabilities that will let you far exceed your competition, CredSpark's engineering team can build it, usually within weeks, for a manageable cost.

CredSpark can help you strategize, plan & execute a big custom project using our unique engagement platform.

Research, Analysis, + Strategy

Sometimes you need more than software and content. Sometimes you need a consultative partner to help you strategize, plan and execute a big initiative. CredSpark's team has been around the block many times. We've helped firms gather stakeholder feedback, analyze market segments, develop business cases and launch new products. Need something big? See if CredSpark can help.

CredSpark's marketing & sales experts can help you develop a plan to market & promote your CredSpark experience.

Promotional Consulting

Unfortunately, the adage 'if you build it, they will come' only works in the movies. You need to pair your CredSpark experience with an effective marketing and promotion plan. And if you need help with that, we've got you covered. With our Promotional Consulting program, you'll get the expert advice you need to get the most value out of your CredSpark experience and ensure its success.

The most sophisticated interactive content platform and the easiest to implement and use.

How does CredSpark Work?

CredSpark deepens your audience relationships and data, which you can use to grow revenue.

CredSpark seamlessly embeds into any website or mobile experience.
Embed quickly and seamlessly into your websites. CredSpark implementation is painless & our support service is flawless.
Publish powerful quizzes, polls, assessments & surveys with CredSpark
Publish quizzes, assessments, polls, surveys, and more—all designed to increase user interaction and engagement.
Engage your audience and drive new opportunities for your business.
Engage and activate your audience. Your brand becomes a teacher and you deepen the relationship with your audience.
Create new opportunities to collect additional audience data, insights, & knowledge
Generate proprietary audience data which you can use to qualify & convert leads, for research, add value to advertisers, & more

How can you leverage CredSpark in your organization?

Let's find out. Start with a demo that's customized to your specific business needs and goals.