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Proven solutions to grow, engage & gain insights into your audience.

A Flexible Platform That Delivers Results

Multiple Ways to Achieve Measurable ROI

Go deeper than just polls & surveys. CredSpark is an interactive discovery & engagement platform that transforms your content into actionable audience data, insights, and ultimately business opportunities.

Your CredSpark license opens up a world of possibilities. Choose among a wide range of content experiences & innovative features to develop effective solutions that achieve your business objectives, deepen your audience relationships, and create new avenues to increase revenue & drive profitability.

Use the right tool for the job

You Have Options

A Full Suite of Powerful Engagement Tools

You have a diverse audience; and you have an equally diverse set of business needs and goals. With CredSpark, you can choose from a range of tools and features to create interactive content experiences that are tailored to meet your specific objectives.



Amplify audience engagement through addictive quiz experiences that drive traffic, promote sharing, increase time-on-site, and provide value for your users.



Gather more market insights & intelligence by developing engagement-rich surveys that naturally coax participants and encourage deeper participation.



Create standalone polls or add them right within your content to capture on-the-spot audience sentiment and improve engagement metrics.



Understand what your audience knows (& doesn't know) through powerful and engaging assessments informed by the latest learning insights and technology.



Leverage affordable AI-enhanced features to hyper-personalize your content and deliver invaluable, individual guidance and recommendations to your audience.

Lead Capture

Lead Capture

Curtail form fatigue and dropoff with integrated lead capture experiences that actually deliver real value for your audience in exchange for their info.

Create unique solutions that address specific objectives

Aligned To Your Goals & Objectives

What problems will you solve? What new opportunities will you discover?

Many people start with a tool and think, "How can I use it?" With CredSpark, you'll start with "What's my objective?" From there, we'll guide you to the right mix of tools, features, & UX that will help you achieve it.

Generate leads...Provide personalized recommendations...create custom advertising solutions...gather research & insights...whatever your goal, you can leverage CredSpark's flexible platform to create a unique user experience that achieves your objectives and exceeds your expectations.

Precision Lead Generation Experiences

An Integrated Lead Generation & Qualification Experience

Grow your audience & identify your next customers.

With CredSpark, you’ll create engaging content experiences that integrate lead collection more naturally into the user experience and provide tangible value for your audience in exchange for their information. Go a step further and incorporate questions to better qualify incoming leads. It’s next-level lead generation.

Transform Your Content Into Sticky Lead Magnets

Graduate from the one-way broadcast model and turn your content into addictive, interactive experiences that pique interest, drive traffic & improve every engagement metric.

Make Lead Capture A Benefit, Not A Nuisance

With CredSpark, lead capture is so integrated that it becomes just a natural part of the user experience. Providing lead info actually offers value for your audience, not an annoying interruption.

Save Time & Qualify Leads Right When You Collect Them

Leverage CredSpark's advanced Q&A features to further qualify leads & surface high-potential sales prospects. Download their responses and deliver them right to your sales teams.

Compelling Advertising Experiences

Engaging Advertising That Delivers Actionable Data

Deliver the leads & data that your advertisers crave.

Leverage the CredSpark platform to develop innovative advertising solutions that not only deliver viewership and engagement metrics that shatter industry averages, but also high-qualified leads and unique audience data that your advertisers can’t get elsewhere.

Deliver Unmatched Ad Engagement For Sponsors

Turn advertiser content into branded, interactive discovery experiences that deliver engagement metrics that crush standard banner performance.

Enhance Your Native Advertising Solutions

Increase the pricing power of your native ad options by integrating interactive elements that dramatically increase engagement with advertiser content.

Offer Premium, Data-generating Advertising

Monetize your audience with custom advertising solutions that generate leads and provide advertisers with unique data they can't get anywhere else.

High-Engagement Research Experiences

Higher Engagement Delivers Richer Data

Gain better insights with more effective research experiences & custom research products.

Combine the insights delivered by high-quality survey research with the engagement power of interactive advertising. CredSpark enables you to create interactive research experiences that deliver more data through better respondent completion & engagement rates. In addition, powerful analytics features help you better organize & manage data to make connections and uncover insights.

Deepen Respondent Engagement & Insights

Infuse your research with the engagement power of learning & education. You'll get better outcomes by turning surveys into rich discovery experiences.

Get Real-time Response Data With Powerful Analytics

With CredSpark's Analytics Dashboard, you'll gain the instantaneous insights you need to optimize survey outcomes & performance.

Create Unique, Custom Research Products

Leverage CredSpark's unmatched data collection capabilities to fuel research products, customized to the needs of specific clients, markets or advertisers.

AI-Driven, Hyper-Personalized Content Experiences

Next-generation Personalization

Create unmatched value for your audience with affordable personalization at scale.

Harness the personalization power of artificial intelligence (AI) and provide added depth, dimension, and value for your audience. From personalized recommendations to custom content products & services, CredSpark’s AI features transform your content, moving your brand from “broadcaster” to “advisor.”

Align Data Collection With Immediate Value For Users

Entice users to provide richer data by providing rich, AI-enhanced, personalized experiences in return. It's an unbeatable way to align value with audience effort.

Provide Personalized Guidance & Recommendations

AI-powered CredSpark experiences leverage user goals & preferences to transform your content into personal solutions for each individual user.

Create Custom Products, Tailored For Each User

Collect some initial data from your audience and use it to personalize marketing materials, white papers, brochures, and more.

Interactive Learning & Training Experiences

Learning That Drives Engagement & Retention

Engage employees & students while uncovering insights & opportunities.

Positive learning and training outcomes stem from combining deep learner engagement with high-quality content. CredSpark delivers effective features & tools grounded in learning science without the budget-busting overhead of end-to-end learning platforms. CredSpark provides an affordable way to deliver effective learning and training.

Provide Training & Learning Without Busting The Budget

If you want more than a quiz app offers but don't need the expensive bells & whistles of a big learning platform, CredSpark provides an alternative.

Improve Outcomes Through Enhanced Engagement

CredSpark helps you turn education & training into engaging discovery experiences, improving participation, data collection, and learner outcomes.

Tap Deep Expertise In Education & Learning

CredSpark emerged from the worlds of education & learning. We offer deep expertise on training, testing, assessment, remediation, and learner engagement.

Engagement & Data-Generating Experiences

Audience Data—on Steroids

Deepen your knowledge & understanding of your audience.

In a world where broad content distribution has been radically commoditized, content engagement and audience data now provide the foundation for companies and brands to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. CredSpark helps you turn your content into an interactive, data-generating machine that provides you with deep insights and helps you unlock new business opportunities.

Collect Deeper Data Through Unmatched Engagement

CredSpark turns data collection needs into engaging content discovery experiences. Gain the insights you need while providing value for your audience.

Gain Valuable Insights Into User Knowledge & Sentiment

Don't make uninformed assumptions on the underlying knowledge or sentiment of your audience. Ask them & use the results to better inform business decisions.

Uncover Actionable Insights With Powerful Analytics

CredSpark's Analytics Dashboard displays & visualizes your data in meaningful ways, including audience response, funnel charts, performance analysis, and more.

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