How can you leverage audience engagement and data to drive business growth?
Brand loyalty starts with engagement.

Every single member of your audience has unique interests, knowledge, needs, triggers, and aspirations. So why don’t your interactions with your audience reflect that?

There’s enormous potential in capturing and understanding the data that reflects the diversity of your audience. CredSpark works with brands to do just that. We transform your content into data-generating audience engagement experiences; then, we help you capitalize on that data by uncovering actionable insights and opportunities.

Develop a deeper relationship with your audience.
Achieve audience growth and depth.

Many brands focus on reach, but they often overlook the immense opportunities gained by deepening the relationship you have with your existing audience. CredSpark can help you do both, unlocking data and insights that drive significant revenue and engagement growth.

Drive engagement that drives insights.

CredSpark helps transform content into interactive experiences or even conversations with your audience. Our interaction-based experiences enable your audience to dive deeper into your content and gain more value from it. Simultaneously, you gain insights into what they understand, don’t know, need, and want regarding your products and services. It’s a powerful combination.

Showcase your value through personalization.

You’re busy creating content to support a variety of topics and products for a diverse audience. CredSpark’s personalization features enable you to surface the right content to the right individuals at the right time, based on their needs, interests, and goals. It’s a proven way to deliver tangible value and compel your audience to take the actions you want.

Shift your brand from “broadcaster” to “teacher.”

An information business isn’t all that informative if it’s a one-way street.

CredSpark helps you transform your content into immersive, interactive audience experiences that spark engagement and deliver valuable insights. We leverage the power of learning, discovery, and curiosity to engage more deeply with your audience and in the process generate a torrent of data to help you better understand your audience and their relationship with your brand. We help you answer questions like:

  • Is your content being read and understood?
  • Is it what your audience wants or needs?
  • Does your audience engage with it?
  • Do they value it?
  • Are you missing something they want?
  • Is it driving the sales and audience actions you want?
Start a conversation.

CredSpark’s interactive content capabilities help you move beyond the traditional measures of clicks, page views, and shares. We help you turn your content into data-generating, interactive experiences where you’re providing rich content and assessing your audience’s engagement, knowledge, and interest—just like a conversation. These interactions not only engage, but also provide you with invaluable data about your audience, helping you make more informed decisions on content or product development and provide real value for your audience.

Leverage personalization to customize your content to audience interests and needs.

Smart brands use CredSpark to create personalized, custom experiences for each audience member. Start by asking your audience questions about their interests, knowledge, and needs. CredSpark’s AI-driven personalization engine processes that information and creates a customized experience for each person, matching them with the content assets that best meet their needs and best support your business goals.

Many CredSpark clients find personalization is transformative for their business, shattering their metrics for content consumption, time on site, page views, and more. You are providing relevance and tangible value for your audience, and you’ll see that impact in your KPIs.

Text, video, audio, imagery—each individual member of your audience will find themselves in an immersive content experience around your brand, tailored to their particular interests. It’s a compelling user experience that your audience can’t do without.

Case Study
Find out how Princeton Review reached fickle teens, generated 10,000 new leads, and drove $250,000 in attributable sales.

CredSpark became a significant driver of revenue for The Princeton Review right off the bat. CredSpark has enabled us to engage our audience more effectively and conversion rates are up. Best of all, CredSpark provides an interaction with us that our customers enjoy, making the transition to leads and then purchasers feel seamless and organic.

— Chief Product Officer, The Princeton Review

CredSpark's Thought Starter: Customize your experience based on your interests and needs.
How can you leverage first-party data and audience engagement to grow your brand?