How can smarter engagement improve learning outcomes?
Tap the power of engagement to enhance learning.

CredSpark was born in the worlds of education, testing, and assessment. Our features, tools, and UI bring your content to life, increase learner engagement, and improve outcomes by making learning an adventure that delivers insights and provides real value.

Develop deeper learning through deeper engagement.
Assess your audience’s knowledge.

Use engaging, multimedia tools to entice your audience deeper into your content while assessing their topical knowledge and pinpointing any gaps.

Provide personalized guidance and recommendations.

Leverage the power of AI to assess audience knowledge and then recommend additional content based on their interests, learning styles, knowledge gaps, and more.

Gain insights through additional audience engagement.

CredSpark turns your content into an engagement machine. Those additional interactions, designed properly, yield actionable insights into learner needs, effective assessment approaches, engagement design, and learner outcomes.

Use powerful engagement features to drive better outcomes.

From engaging questions types to progress reporting, CredSpark can help you create effective learning experiences that spark deeper engagement with topical content and ultimately, better learning outcomes.

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How can you use engagement-enhanced learning to drive better outcomes?