Degreed: Important Changes Coming to CredSpark


CredSpark’s next product release is planned for the week of December 19 and it will include some changes and new features that will impact how you do your work in the application. While we are not removing anything, we are rearranging some elements of the app, which should ultimately make things more convenient and make the creation process in CredSpark much more intuitive and efficient.

Changes to Expect:

Changes to Expect:

  1. Reordering the orange navigation tabs at the top of your CredSpark screen and;
  2. Moving all interaction data (individual and aggregate) into one location.

Again, nothing is going away, but you may need to look in a new place to find the features and information you need. Let’s dive a little deeper.

Rearranged Tab Structure

This is what your tab structure looks like today, if you are regular Degreed user and here’s how it will look after the release:

For CredSpark+ users, a few more changes will appear:

Notice that the Overview tab is gone, and the arrangement of the tabs has changed. This new organization is designed to guide you more efficiently through the interaction creation process.

NEW: Data & Analytics Tab

The Data & Analytics tab is where you will find ALL of your interaction data. It will contain three levels of data:

  • Overview – The high-level information about how many people viewed, started, and completed your interaction, as well as some demographic information about your audience (the same information you can currently access in Overview tab);
  • Response Summary – This is a new set of data. It presents a visual summary (in chart/ table form) of how people answer your questions. This feature is only available for CredSpark+ clients.V
  • Individual Responses – This is the most granular data where you can see how each respondent answered, how much time they spent on your interaction, what actions they completed, etc. (This is the same data we currently display in the Data tab):

But wait; there’s more!

Moving Questions, Made Easier

This enhancement should make your life easier. Instead of dragging and dropping your questions (although you can still do that), you will now be able to move the question with a couple of clicks:

This release contains other great features, too:

  • A direct link and 3rd party sharing for collections
  • Display logic will have an advanced option to create grouped conditions, so you can set more complex rules.

The CredSpark app keeps evolving and growing to bring more value to you and your organization. Feedback is a crucial part of this process and these changes were mainly led by the feedback we have received from our clients. Want to be part of the change? Shoot us an email on how we can make CredSpark better:

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