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May 7, 2024 |

Omeda + CredSpark: Three Questions for Fusable

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Audience Insights :

 The CredSpark Blog

Omeda + CredSpark: Three Questions for Fusable

May 7, 2024 |

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At the upcoming OX7 (May 15-17, 2024 in Chicago), CredSpark and Omeda will be making an exciting announcement on the future of their partnership and integration of their platforms.

In the spirit of OX7’s idea exchange, we thought we share how a few innovators in media and publishing are using the CredSpark-Omeda integration to drive impressive results and outcomes in everything from sponsored content and advertiser engagement to audience data and personalization. Let’s take a look…


Fusable + Omeda + CredSpark

Paul Daniel is the Director of Audience for Fusable, a leading destination for data solutions tailored for industrial markets.

Paul, can you give us an example of how Fusable is using the CredSpark-Omeda integration to achieve a specific business objective?

In 2024, we made a strategic pivot in our annual KPIs to focus more deeply on audience quality, composition and engagement. While all site traffic helps revenue, our goal was to cultivate more audience and associated first-party data from the companies and job functions our clients are most interested in reaching. In order to do this, we needed to grow the amount of audience for whom we had insights. Being “known” was a start, but not the end goal. We were looking for a completed visitor profile that contained a set of demographic fields designed to assist in three critical ways:

  1. Obtaining job function would ensure that our Editorial development process was focused around engaging the most desirable Audience segments to our clients.

  2. Obtaining additional fields like company and company zip code gives us the highest propensity to match contacts against entities in our internal Databases. Once we do that, we can marry firmographic, behavioral and contact level data for use in Sales quotes and Digital campaigns.

  3. Increase the overall amount of first-party data in our media audiences given the coming industry-wide impacts around 3rd party cookies, and crackdowns on unsolicited outreach.

It was clear to us that tried and true publisher tactics like newsletter signups and content meters had a limit on the amount of conversions they could deliver. We needed something else to compliment these tactics. Furthermore, not everyone wants a digital newsletter.

Enter Credspark, who we met at OX6. Credspark offered a new and engaging way to interact with our audiences on their terms as opposed to having to convince them to sign up for something. It also offered a friendly way to obtain profile data by leveraging the reader’s curiosity and desire to participate as a member of the brand community. Lastly, and critically, they offered an easy way to receive data from and populate data into Omeda.

Working in concert with our Editorial team, we developed a variety of CredSpark quizzes, polls, and progressive profile modules that all fire inside Omeda personalizations.

What results did you see?

While we’re certainly not the only Omeda client to use CredSpark, we are very proud of our results. Credspark has been a huge success for us in a very short amount of time. By adding this tactic to our existing arsenal, we were able to improve onsite interaction conversion by nearly every metric. Our interactions have converted unknown audience, populated partial profiles and performed well with our existing engaged audience. In fact, we collected more than 11,000 job functions in less than two months.

Trucking Media Brands

  • 450% increase in job function identification

  • 16% growth in newsletter subscription opt-ins

Construction Media Brands

  • 315% increase in job function identification

  • 18% growth in newsletter subscription opt-ins

What do you find most useful or effective about the CredSpark-Omeda integration? What value does it provide your organization?

Beyond conversions, our CredSpark-Omeda interactions have had Editorial benefits as well. The results from the polls and quizzes we’ve developed have become inputs for inclusion in new stories, or full-blown stories themselves. We often hear that we are unique in the collaborative relationship we have with our Editorial Team and everyone has been delighted with the results.

Attending OX7? Spark a few ideas and innovations with these thought-provoking sessions:

  • Be sure to check out Paul Daniel’s session at OX7. Fusable will be presenting a “one-year later” follow-up success stories on how their process to use first-party reader identification insights generated ABM revenue from a major global trucking aftermarket corporation.
  • And CredSpark’s Head of Content & Client Services, Casey Cornelius, will be leading a partner session on strategies and insights on leveraging interactive content.
  • Interested in meeting up with the CredSpark team at OX7, let’s connect and schedule a visit.

And stay tuned for the upcoming announcement at OX7 on future plans for the CredSpark and Omeda partnership.


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